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回锅肉 Chinese twice cooked pork with leek recipe



Let us make Chinese twice cooked pork with leek today Twice-cooked pork is a Sichuan-style Chinese dish

The pork is double cooked to remove a lot of fat It is a healthy meat dish We need 2 hot green pepper, leek, ginger, red chili soybean sauce and pork we need cooking wine, soy sauce and red chili soybean sauce put pork(with skin) in cold water, add star anise some pickly ash some cooking wine 2 pieces of ginger 1 green onion cover the lid 30 minutes after boiling cut into thin slices cut pepper cut leek slice ginger pour some oil in the wok put in pork and ginger Especially careful that the pork skin will spatter sometimes put some red chili soybean sauce pour cooking wine soy sauce Add leek and pepper Done Enjoy!

Source: Youtube

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