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大部分的人都煮錯了! ♥ How To Cook Correctly?



Sylvia: Hello, everyone Sylvia: I am Sylvia

Tekji: I am Taxi/Tekji Sylvia: Today we want to eat Sylvia: New instant noodle Tekji: The most crazy Sylvia: Indomie Tekji: salted egg flavor Tekji: Let's go to the kitchen Sylvia: Yeah! Most of the people directly mix the sauce and the powder together Which is wrong and not delicious Tekji: That's it Sylvia: It’s Premium

Please follow the steps 1st step: Put the sauce first Sylvia: Wahhhh Tekji: Smell so strong, smell like seasoning curry sauce 2nd step: Stirring Tekji: Different flexibility Tekji: Very nice 3rd step: Put the powder Sylvia: Ohhhhh! ! ! Tekji: This is salted egg powder Tekji: This is the most important 4th step: Lastly, stir well Very delicious Steps must be done right Please remember ya Sylvia: Ok, it's done Tekji: First Tekji: Lady first, my wife first Tekji: Oh my God, oh my God Sylvia: Yih~~~~~! ! ! ! (Excited) Tekji: My wife like to eat salted eggs Tekji: (salted egg) wants to take my life away Sylvia: Urmm! Sylvia: You have to eat now, delicious

Tekji: Professional level Sylvia: That noodle Sylvia: There is a fragrance of salted egg Tekji: I told you Tekji: Because many people say Tekji: Some people ate and said, "Nah, so so only" Tekji: Some people say, "There is no taste at all" Tekji: I studied the different cooking style Tekji: Actually Tekji: If you do the correct steps, you can make them very delicious Sylvia: Because some people doing wrong Sylvia: After cook the noodle and then remove the water Sylvia: They add all the sauce and powder directly (Back to 0:43 to watch correct cooking) Sylvia: Actually, the step is wrong (Back to 0:43 to watch correct cooking) (Please back 0:43 to watch correct cooking) Tekji: This is my first time Tekji: You can eat a full dish, without add other side meal Sylvia: If you see someone selling this, you must buy it (Sylvia is very crazy ^^") Sylvia: Super satisfied Sylvia: If the supermarket sells this, I will definitely buy more and take it home Sylvia: Indonesians are so lucky Sylvia: They have Indomie Sylvia: Ahhh~!! Tekji: But well, KK will have it sooner or later Tekji: But not now Sylvia: Yes, not now Sylvia: Finished

Sylvia: Very worth Sylvia: Please buy and cook it at home, so delicious! Tekji: And Tekji: Most of the noodle need to eat while the noodle still hot and warm Tekji: But this one Tekji: The taste of salted egg, the fragrance is still have Tekji: That's mean Tekji: You can eat slowly, don't rush to eat Tekji: That taste is still there and fine Tekji: It’s delicious Tekji: Please follow the correct steps Tekji: That's the most important Sylvia: Be sure to buy it Sylvia: I like it very much (Sylvia is crazy again) Tekji: I hope KK have sell this asap Tekji: Because we order this from someone, which is not from local Sylvia: Remember to subscribe to our Youtube channel Sylvia: Please support us by pressing LIKE button Sylvia: Forward our video to your social media account Tekji: And? Sylvia: Next time we will do more videos Sylvia: Please follow our social media Sylvia: Yeah! See you in the next video Tekji: Yeah! Goodbye meow Sylvia: meow

Source: Youtube

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