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平底鍋搞定! 2 款全素早餐食譜 2 Vegan Breakfast Recipes using Frying Pan 早餐穀片,全素蕎麥鬆餅



Hello, everyone, I am the leaf I want to share this time with two pans

Fast food that can be easily done The first one is a cereal slice fried in a pan The second is buckwheat muffins Both are vegan The pot used this time It is a casting pan of German chef New Diamond 28 cm This casting pan is made in Germany And its craft is special Made by casting So the hardness is enough Although it is a "casting" pan But it won't be heavy I am a girl who is also very comfortable to pick up Then because it is deep enough So when you stir up the cereal, you won’t spill it In addition, it is a non-stick pan So you can fry the muffins very well without putting oil

And this time, I also started a group purchase with the kitchen utensils Have special offers I will put the detailed information at the end of the video (with the description box below) Let’s look at the recipe now The first one to be made is the fried breakfast cereal on the stove So the main ingredients we need this time are 6 Most of them are nuts and seeds Then I am using these four kinds this time

I use seeds and nuts very often You can also use other seeds and nuts of your preference instead For the complete recipe, I will put the link in the description box below Then let's start doing it directly After the pot is heated by medium heat, We put oatmeal And our nuts and seeds And a little bit of salt and cinnamon Salt and cinnamon are not necessary But I think these two things can make this breakfast cereal more delicious

So it is recommended to add Then let's fire them for about 1-2 minutes Smell the aroma of nuts Put in coconut slices Then we are going to prepare to join our maple syrup I remember that when I added maple syrup, the fire could not be big Maple syrup evaporates quickly We just have to stir it and mix it evenly after it has fallen Use this non-stick pot relationship So if the sugar is added, there is no stick

If you use an ordinary pot It may be easy to stick the bottom off like this Then we will continue to stir fry for 1-2 minutes You can smell the aroma of maple syrup There is oatmeal, it has a little brownish feeling We will transfer it to the plate Or let it cool completely in the bowl After completely letting cool We can put it in a sealed can and seal it I really like to use it with oatmeal

Or almond milk, this vegetable milk Then add frozen blueberry or cinnamon This adds a taste of breakfast Then we will make it again Vegan buckwheat muffins The same complete recipe link I will put in the description box below So at the beginning we pressed the banana into a mud with a fork Then we take a big bowl Put 120 grams of buckwheat flour inside a little salt 1 tsp of baking powder 1 tablespoon of flaxseed powder Then let's stir them and mix them evenly Then we put in the banana mud that was pressed into the mud beforehand And 1 tablespoon of maple syrup There is also 200 ml of sugar-free soy milk You can also replace it with other vegetable milk

Oh, yes, then I also added about 1/2 tsp of vanilla extract You don't add it, it doesn't matter if you don't have it Then we just stir it and mix it evenly Stir and mix until like this You can't see the powder We are going to prepare hot pans Fry them! Then we take the hot pot After the pot is hot, we put the muffin paste This muffin paste is all about visual inspection

That size can be fried about 4 large pieces of muffins So if you want to fry or fry, you can After the batter is poured down Let's let it spread a little To the thickness you want The first side should be fried for a little longer About 4-5 minutes You will see a little condensation on the edge of the muffin Then start to bubble like this Probably this way, you can prepare to turn over The second side does not need to be fried for as long It’s about 1-2 minutes

Then we will pick it up again Continue to complete our other batters That made vegan muffin You can enjoy it with any ingredients you like If you have time, you can do it in advance Then freeze it up Thaw it when you want to eat it You can eat it a little more slowly

That time I used the German chef New diamond 28 cm casting pan Making these two breakfast recipes I feel very comfortable when I make it Especially its depth is enough So don't worry, you will fry the ingredients without care In addition, its degree of non-stick is really I feel very good It’s really delicious to make the muffins so beautiful This time, I also cooperate with the chef's German pot Initiated a group purchase Interested friends can see the details in the description box The discount is about 4,000 yuan, the purchase price So everyone is interested to take the opportunity to look at it

That is the case this time Thank you for watching, we will see you next time! Bye Bye ~

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