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甜辣酱Sweet Chilli Sauce /Sushi Sauce Recipe/How To Make Sushi Series



Hello everyone, i am chef KAI, Today i am showing how to make sweet chilli sauce This is sweet chili sauce i bought from asian market Cauce it has many chillli seeds inside So we need blend it We need add some spice and blend it First we need 12 oz sweet chiili sauce You can see many chilli seeds here So we need blend it again 12 oz sweet chilli sauce Chinese name is tian la jiang This is mirin , 2 oz Sugar just 1 oz 1 tsp of white sesame seeds White sesame seeds make it smell better After blending ,it doesnt have big chilli seeds So we can fill it in sauce bollte We can use it for egg rolls , For calamari, And sushi rolls Thanks everyone

Source: Youtube

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