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红宝石巧克力奶油面包 Ruby Chocolate Cream Bun Recipe | no music cooking sound



Hello, welcome to my channel I have the brand new Callebaut Ruby chocolate

I am really excited It is natural pink, no coloring I will make a bread in this video Tell me what you want to watch in the comments below First, mix all the ingredients except the butter

Knead the dough into a ball Using KitchenAid stand mixer: knead at speed 2 for 10 min The dough do not stick to the bowl after 7 minutes which means gluten is formed Slowly stretch the dough You can see it is thin and smooth

Now add in the oily ingredients 可以加入油性材料了 Now add in the oily ingredients 可以加入油性材料了 Add butter Knead at speed 2 for another 10 minutes The dough will absorb the butter, enhance the fragrant and ductility, soften the dough

Check the gluten Get the dough out of the bowl Slightly wet your hand to prevent stick to the dough Fold the dough until it became a smooth ball Keep it in a container and let rise double sized

Coat your finger with some flour Poke the dough, it do not bounce or deflate Pat the dough, squeeze out big air bubbles Divide into 8 pieces, each dough weighs about 68 gram Roll the dough

Sprinkle some flour Flatten the dough Shape into a ball Fold the dough into itself, so the surface become smooth Rest for about 20 minutes

Cover with a wet towel to prevent the surface being dry After 20 minutes, roll the dough with a rolling pin and make an oval shape Flip the dough, turn 90 degree, roll from top to bottom Shape the dough into a cylinder Why flip the dough? When we roll it oval, the smooth side is up, the bottom side is rough

We need to keep the smooth surface always on the outside Place them on a baking sheet Let rise double sized Poke and it does not bounce or deflate, then it is proved Bake in the oven at 150C for 30 minutes

The bread looks pale Test the center temperature with a needle thermometer It should achieve 93C Bake for another 5 minutes if temperature is not right Cool completely and keep in container

The new ruby chocolate from Callebaut, yeah! Crystallization curve The ingredients No food coloring or any wierd things Open the bag Taste like milky cranberries

Chocolatey texture Too sweet for me Pour 50 gram of chocolate in a plastic bowl Do not use glass or ceramic bowl, cause it will be too hot when microwaved And do use a shallow bowl

Medium heat for 30 seconds Stir and it melted a little bit Heat for only 10 sec, stir it, prevent heat spot Repeat steps Check the temperature every time

Stop heating when reach 295-30 C Dip some chocolate and set aside Refill unsatisfied part Chocolate will be settled in few minutes

It won't melt when you touch it nor leave a finger print Gently grab the bun, do not touch the chocolate Cut in half Whip the cream with hand mixer Stop when it starts to solidified

Then switch to a regular egg beater Beat for few seconds Put it in a piping bag 装进裱花袋…… Put it in a piping bag 装进裱花袋…… Pipe as much cream as you like

Decorate with some ruby like dried cranberries Half of the cream in the video is enough Some powdered sugar Fruity crispy chocolate shell, bun is soft Cream is cold and delicate

Sour of cranberry come along well with the sweetness of chocolate Even better after chilled in refrigerator Thank you for watching!

Source: Youtube

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