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Submerge the tomatoes in hot water Add the diced tofu into the bowl with the tomatoes Then add the diced spring onions into the bowl too

Add two eggs Add a tablespoon of salt Add a tablespoon of ground Sichuan Pepper Then add half a cup of flour Coat the pan with oil Once the pan is heated, you can add the mixture into the pan Wow! these tomatoes, tofu, and spring onions are all my favorites! ah, it's hot! it is very nutritious! this dish is very suitable for kids, remember to make some for them! I have already made some without spring onions for them wow! it is really delicious! Ingredients: tomatoes(x2), eggs(x2), half cup of flour, spring onions, same amount of tofu like tomatoes, one tablespoon of salt, one tablespoon of ground Sichuan Pepper

Some things to take note: 1you should dice the tomatoes and tofu smaller, 2 you change change up the ingredients, the method is still the same 3 coating the pan with oil is to prevent the pancakes from sticking on to the pan

4 cover the lid for about five minutes (if you dont have a pan like the one in the video, just flip the pancakes and cook about the same time for each side) 5 Consume while it is hot for it to be delicious!

Source: Youtube

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