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노오븐~ 라즈베리 치즈케이크 만들기 : No-Bake Raspberry Cheesecake Recipe : ラズベリーチーズケーキ | Cooking tree



Put raspberries and sugar in the pot I put 1/3 of the amount of sugar in the sugar, but the amount of sugar can be adjusted to 10 ~ 20g according to the sugar content of the fruit

The Chinese medicine is on fire Mix it gently and boil it until the water comes out If some water comes out, you can boil it with crushed raspberries Finally, add lemon juice and boil it a little more Turn off the light when a certain amount of water is blown

I'll sieve Chee and cool it I can use it without sieving it, but I did not use it because I wanted to make it neat Please put the cookie in your zipper bag If you use about 7, you get 90g Close the zipper bag so that there is not enough air

Please use the plunger to break the cake When a certain amount of cookies are broken, they push back and forth and break it down nicely Transfer to the bowl and add the melted butter After raising heritage on a flat tray and raising a 15cm x 7cm circular frame Please put the cookies mixed with butter Spread the sweets evenly You can press it with a spatula, but if you use a round cup, you get a flat shape Please arrange the border with Spagnola

Press a circular mold of 55cm diameter made with a moose strip into the middle part and set it in the fridge Put the gelatin in the cold water for 10 minutes One by one, it is well called without sticking Leave at room temperature for more than 30 minutes to soften the creamy cheese If you can not get the cream cheese out in advance, cut it in the microwave for 10 ~ 20 seconds and make it smooth

Add sugar and mix until sugar is melted Mix vanilla extract and lemon juice Squeeze the blanched gelatin juice and put it in another bowl, then melt it completely in the microwave for about 10 seconds After melting it, put it in the cheese cake dough and mix it There are quite a lot of pots left in the bowl

If you add melted gelatin and do not mix immediately, the gelatin may harden and clump I think it's important to mix it quickly and evenly Mongsil Mongsil Bubble up and mix the thinly whipped cream with a whimpering line If you mix whipped cream with whipped cream, you can separate it and finish it by mixing lightly Transfer about 3/5 of the dough into a beaker Add the raspberry puree to the remaining cheesecake dough and mix

I had more raspberry purée than I expected, so I added another 1 gram of melted plate gelatin Pour raspberry dough on a firm crust and make it flat After mixing the cheesecake dough that has been put into the beaker Pour over raspberry cheese cake dough and keep it flat Use a wooden chopstick to mix the two doughs I think I have to dig deeper and deeper than I expected to get a bigger pattern Shake it sideways and flatten the top and let it stand for 3 hours in the fridge Remove the tape that was stuck inside the moose Slowly remove the belt

Please remove the heritage site and move it to the finished plate At this time, the middle part of the crust remains in the heritage area, and the center is empty Turn the towel soaked in water into a microwave oven and cover it with a warm cloth Slowly pull the frame out It is finished if we put up raspberry to the middle line and decorate!

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