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대파라면 :: 얼큰개운한 맛 :: #66



one meal a day Today's meal green onion ramen Ingredients Instant noodles / green onion / garlics / chili powder I used two garlics Or you can use minced garlic today's essential ingredients Cut it in half, as usual And cut into the size of little finger It's almost done Trust me ddu du ddu du ddu du ddu du ddu du ddu du ddu du Prepare the pot Add some cooking oil sliced garlics 1Tbs chili powder Stir-fry so that it doesn't burn over low heat When it smells delicious, add green onions Stir-fry slightly next, Check the back of the ramen bag and add water Of course, I don't have to I'm a human measuring cup add Flakes and soup powder When it boils, add the noodles When the noodles are half cooked, bomb bomb Eggs will protect my stomach Green onion ramen Done ! It looks so yummy Yay~~ I'll try the soup first yum It's really great The soup tastes much richer, and deep I've just added a few ingredients yum Do you like korean ramen? me too This food is perfect for hangovers but, I don't like alcohol Feel refreshed ! There was pudding in the fridge that's it Did you enjoy the meal today? See you in the next meal Bye bye ~~

Source: Youtube

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