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마라 바지락 볶음 | 새로운 마라 요리! | 炒花甲/蛤蜊做法 | How to cook chinese spicy stir-fried clam



Hello, this is Chu chef > _ < Today is!! Chinese-style clam dish Chao Hua Jia , stir fried with Mala! I'll let you know The roasted clams are called Chao Hua Jia in the south, and Chao Ge li in the north (Yes, TMI) Ingredients can be prepared, dried red pepper, Oyster sauce, sugar, mirim(cooking wine) Vinegar, garlic, ginger, chinese paste (Chili Bean Sauce) You can do this

First, I'll make the clam fall Slightly in salt water (salt 3T) I'll boil it for about five minutes In the meantime, trim the material First, I'll slice the ginger I do not like to chew ginger, so I slice little big size If you like ginger, you can chop ginger It does not matter 🙂 And garlic! it's been a while since I was working on garlic

I rinsed it with cold water and pulled it out next to me I'll chop the garlic! eat garlic and sauce together It's delicious! So I'll make it good for it Yeah! So, all the ingredients are ready, is it really simple? First, look around the oil Then, add ginger ~ Also put garlic ~ Fill the waves and fry them

From this time already !! I have a really delicious scent> _ < When the color of garlic and ginger changes slightly Please put all the hot peppers! Then, put the majiao ~ You can put a huajiao also dosen't matter (yes, also TMI) If you are interested in chinese spices, click on the chef chu's introduce spice s video! Then, chinese paste (Chili Bean Sauce) When the color turns red Please put clams on this Those who will not cook the clam until softened You have to keep frying for 20 to 30 minutes Then, put the mirim put vinegar Originally called Lao Chu a Chinese vinegar It's a long-standing vinegar

By the way, Lao Chu is hard to find in Korea I Just using the vinegar in the house (I did not have time to sell it on the Internet) Next, put the oyster sauce And please put sugar! Sugar is ~ If you followed the recipe I wrote who are too sweet, please put two more chinese paste (Chili Bean Sauce) If did my recipe, but it is not too sweet! Those who do Please add some more sugar Then, please put water! Fry well until you get slimy I try to eat it I've already ready to noodle (did not I know?)? Put noodles and close the cover I will boil until cook done (excited) Ta-da It is completed this way !!!!! > 0 < I'll put it in a bowl

Good for you guys ?! (헿) This is really delicious It's good as a side dish It is also very good as a side dish !! haha Well, thank you for taking a look today too 🙂 Please click ★ like and subscribe ★ ♥ bye ~ 谢谢大家今天也看我的视频 别忘记点赞与订阅 拜拜, 下次再见!

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