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Let loose butter at room temperature Please put the condensed milk (please put it well because the condensed milk is covered in the bowl a lot) Mix well Put the powder on the sieve

I'll put salt in it Mix well with a spatula to make a chunk You can add a little vanilla extract to add flavor (optional) I wrap it up and wrap it well I pushed it flat on the back (optional) I'll give you a break in the fridge for about an hour I have goad cheese and I'm trying to send it to cookies Cheese is on the side, so I put it in between the legacy

Cover the heritage and push it to the plunger to flatten it and set it in the fridge If you have a large size godad cheese, you can cut it thinly Because the cookie dough is weak, I put a sheet of teflon on it and put the dough on it Cover the heritage area and push it thinly with a plunger At first it is hard, so push it in with a pusher and spread it

Teflon sheet size should be cut to make it easier to position the cookie Use a cutter (57 cm) to cut cookies I baked it in a 225cm square pan and I cut 9 pieces Remove the dough other than the cookie portion Bake in oven pan for about 13-15 minutes at 170 degrees (preheat: about 180 degrees to 20 minutes) Gather the remaining dough and put it together again Wrap it in a wrap and let it cool down in the fridge for 15 minutes Pour the dough again flat and cut it with a cutter Some of the cookies tickled the initials

Thank you for always watching people ^^ The cookies that are baked in the oven will cool down on the cooking stove I have 18 cookies, and I can make 9 sets Prepare to cut hard frozen goat cheese in the refrigerator with a cutter of the same size as the cookie In the video, I made six, but I made three more later (you could make 9 of 200g) Put the cookies on top of the cookies that you cut off the cookies Please cover other cookies I'll cut cookies and cheese to fit the cutter size, and it will fit neatly

Milk cooked in a sandwich made with godata cheese! Flavor of flavor, taste of salty cheese! It tastes like milk, but it feels more of the cheese flavor The color is so sweet, more lovely cookies! Thank you so much for watching today ^^

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