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Please cut clean peaches I think it's good to use peaches with as much red color as possible I'll boil the peach to give it a color Put the sliced ​​peach in the pot Place it on the burner to heat it (medium heat) Add sugar Please put water Let the peach soak in the water If a lot of colors are missing, get off the burner Please prepare syrup separately in a container I think the dark pink is really pretty Grind the pulp in the mixer (don't grind too much, but keep the particles alive) The ground peaches are transferred to a pan

Boil it over the fire until it thickens I was worried that the peach would turn brown, but I kept the pretty pink all the way Cool down from the fire Now I'm going to make cookies Loosen the softened butter at room temperature Add sugar powder and mix Mix the egg, vanilla extract and lemon juice together and mix well Put a force on a sieve Till the rest Mix well with a spatula Take about 20g of dough and make it round and pan The dough is soft and crispy As it is baked, it spreads slightly and it is baked in a hemispherical shape I've made a few dough at different ratios and the dough has a good viscosity and a nice baked look ^^ Bake for about 15 minutes in the oven at 170 degrees (preheating: 180 degrees 20 minutes) I don't want to burn the color very well The top side doesn't crack too much Cool it and dig the bottom of the cookie Be careful when using a knife If you dig big at once, it's dangerous Save the dug out cookies in one place If you are afraid of knives, you can use a small fork Peach pulp boiled in crumbs Add sweet honey Mix well Crush large cookie crumbs Put it in a sachet and squeeze it in a cookie Fill it with the inside and squeeze it very little Please attach two cookies Please clean up the sticking pulp with your finger Filling the filling is like chocolate or nut nutella Peach syrup is very weak in color, so make sure to add some red and white pigments I dipped it in both sides I got pigment in my hand and I think it's good to wear TT gloves Leave the cookie on for a minute and then steam it with sugar

I didn't like the color but I wanted to make a light and lovely peach cookie If you insert the mint leaf in the middle is complete ^ ^ Apeach was hiding and watching Lovely like a real peach It's crispy on the outside and moist on the inside I think it was so delicious that Apeach lost his mind Dongle Dongle Cute Peach Cookie ~ Did you have fun? If you enjoyed it, please like and subscribe Thank you ^^

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