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* Create a tart paper * Add grains of almond powder and salt to mix Put the cold unsalted butter

Mix with scraper When the mixed particles are about the size of a grain of rice, Add cold water and mix Please stick together in one lump Place on top of heritage, cover with heritage and spread it wide I need you to stop in the fridge for 30 minutes * Stewed peach * Put peaches and sugar in the pot

It boils on fire Stir in the middle and stir until thick When it boils, water comes out from the peach and it is dilute The color looks like it's missing at first, but it turns pretty pink again Get out of the fire and cool down in the bowl (cool down at room temperature and keep in the fridge) * Burning tart sheet * Please put a dormant tart sheet on a tart pan

Please gather it inside the tart pan Please press on the shape of the fan and stick it to the wall If you use the plunger to push the top, the dough will be cut as it looks Please remove the cut dough Use a fork to make holes in the floor (to prevent the sheet from swelling) The tart sheet will be baked once more with an almond cream

Bake in a 180 degree oven for 15 minutes (preheat: 20 minutes at 190 degrees) * Making almond cream * Let loose butter at room temperature Put sugar powder and mix well Mix eggs and vanilla extract If you put a cold egg, the loosened butter will harden again, so be sure to put a cold egg at room temperature Almond flour and powder Please mix well Fill the baked tart sheet with almond cream Spread flat and bake in a 180 degree oven for 30 to 35 minutes * Make a peach decoration * Peach that has been washed clean with a fruit deco cutter, please circle in shell It's okay to work after removing the shell first

Cut it in a hemisphere shape and remove the skin The baked tarts should cool down and decorate I put it in the fridge That way, the cream does not melt Spread half of the peach on top of the tart This julian peach served as a godsend to taste this tart

Turn the cream on only the part of the teal Raise the hemispherical peach to the border of the cream If the peach color is beautiful, the more beautiful tarts are made Please put plenty of remaining peach stew in the middle Sugar powder was solely sprayed on the rim complete! However, The syrup from the simmered peach was moistened with almond cream

The texture of boiled peach is really art ~ Raw peaches also rum ~ fresh feeling ~ The combination of crispy tart sheet and almond cream peach is really a honey combination The best fruit tart I've ever eaten! Have a nice day like pretty tarts ^^

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