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Hello, this is her garden Today I will tell you how to cook corn without saccharin

When we usually eat corn, peel the corn and dip it in water and add saccharin You eat boiled corn But the corn is not very tasty So today I visited a corn farm Luckily I was able to pick and buy corn myself So fresh This really delicious corn You can't live life in such a bad way And most of the corn grown in our land in Korea There is almost no gmo so you can eat it with peace of mind unless you use foreign corn

There's a way to boil it deliciously Peel off too tough and thick and messy crusts After peeling off a few layers Don't peel it all the way, just peel it all the way out and the part with that beard It's a little messy so I cut that part with scissors and wash it well if there's dirt on it Please If you do this, it becomes a clean corn Please trim it up and boil it in water I'll give you a steamer using this steamer In this state, the steamer is zigzag Put it back and forth in the steamer I'm going to put it in And the important thing is the water under the steamer Use clean water so that people can drink the net because you will drink it later Corn is a very good food for humans, not just beards and skins, but also corn grains This corn is said to be good for symphony three seconds in oriental medicine There is no organ in our human body called sympo three seconds

It's a food that makes you feel very comfortable It's very good food Spread it in boiling water for about 20 minutes And let's put it on for about 10 minutes and then after 30 minutes I take out one and cook it I tried the corn beard or skin over there It has a lot of sweet flavor and sweetness of corn If you do not peel it off and steam it together, the corn mustache and the sweetness of its skin and its unique flavor will be added to the grains of corn You can soak well and feel even sweeter and tastier

No sugar or saccharin It's delicious No matter how much you eat, it's sweet I ate corn like this But the other person I ate with was a little disliked by corn, but he ate 2 He said that this is the first time this corn is delicious in his lifetime I like corn so much that I ate a lot It's attached to the leftover corn bar The cat eats well

I don't eat because it's a long cat The corn was so delicious Boil it once and eat it And that water is corn boiled water This water is really delicious and delicious Please don't throw this away Boil the corn like this and enjoy it healthy

It will be a happy day Thank you so much for watching

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