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* Custard cream making * Mix egg yolk and sugar in a pan Add corn starch and mix well Mix vanilla paste (mix vanilla extract) Pour hotly heated milk and mix

Please heat it with fire Stir slowly and boil until thick If it gets thicker, let it stir quickly and soften it When big air bubbles come up on the floor, they come out of the fire Please move to the ball

Put the plastic wrap tightly and let it cool down (if cooled to a certain degree at room temperature, cool it in the fridge) * Shu dough making * Put unsalted butter, water, milk and salt in a pan and put on a burner Heat it in the fire of Chinese medicine and boil it until the butter melts I get out of the fire and put in my powers If you put your sieve in it, you better mix it Please mix well Put the pot in the fire and cook it in a pan and cook it upside down (luxurious process) Fry until a thin film appears on the floor and the color of the dough is slightly transparent Turn off the fire and lower the pot After the dough is lightly cooled, mix the egg twice or three times

If you put all the eggs at once, it will be thicker and harder to mix At first, it looks like it does not mix well, but if you mix it a little, it is mixed well and smoothly (just a little arm painful ^^) When the dough was lifted with a spatula and dropped, a long triangular shape was made Put it in your sachet This time the gulshu was a small size, so I fanned it a little Sprinkle chunks with a sprayer and push up on the upper part with your fingers

Bake in a 180 degree oven for 20 ~ 22 minutes (preheating: 20 minutes at 190 degrees) I think it's a little bigger than a home run ball It is cute ^ ^ Make a hole in the bottom of the shoe (hole to fill the cream) Pods are fine, and chopsticks are fine This is a really basic custard cream that is very basic and very basic Fill the cream Full I made it up here and it's really good to eat it, but I tasted some chocolate

I sprinkled some sprinkles Just put the chocolate in the fridge for a while I thought it looked like something, so I put it on the skewer too ^^ A cute little cute pancake is finished I think it is really the best snack ^^ You can feel the crunchy texture of Shu at once I put it in the refrigerator and it becomes soft and the sugar becomes moist when I eat it

Cute shoe ~ Have you had fun? Subscriptions and likes give me strength

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