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'쏙' 잡아서 '마라쏙' 먹방 [Catch and cook Ghost shrimp mukbang]



<'JinStone' Age> Self-Sufficiency Life Hee~? Honey~ What are these? Honey~ wake up~ Why? What's this tissue? Because i had a runny nose yesterday Are you in puberty now? LOL what a puberty! i said runny nose~ Is this a runny nose?? Runny nose (sniff) can you hear this? I can't hear anything? (sniff) yesterday(Panic) Because i blew all yesterday;; But why you use paper like this?? Even if you go out and how much dig! you can't get 1$

(save the money) Okay i'm gonna dig Let's go to a catch mud shrimp! Second part of a summer vacation ! Today i came to beach to catch a mud shrimp With my lovely family~ It lives in herd, so you can find the herd

I've been digging everywhere, and it's finally coming out OhOh this is bigbig! My daughter~ catch this~ It won't bite (This video contains heavy wind sound Sorry for inconvenience) Doesn't bite? (This video contains heavy wind sound Sorry for inconvenience) Yes~ because of glove~ (This video contains heavy wind sound Sorry for inconvenience) That's right~ (Giggle) Are you fun? Then find it again~ I was really proud, regardless of video, because she's funny Ah! Father! here it is! That's a baby~ Is that baby? okay~ Ah! Father here it is! baby shrimp! Let the baby go~ Let the baby go to its mother~ If father digs like this~ Children can find it easily~ Ah~ Father here it is! No need to dig too deep to find it~ It doesn't bite, so you can hold it easily with your hands Oh~ this is big~ Father~ should i catch this? Yes~ Oops

Because of Mud + sand and no need to dig deep, It's easy for women to find it You better get out of there in hurry~ I'm a gangster! Ooh? Where are you going? Yes~ Hey mud shrimp sir~ come here~ Nice to see you~ i'm a JinStone~ Thanks(petting) Now i'm gonna cook Malasoup with this mud shrimp Ah

shit Taking out internal organs

(petting) MaraMudShrimp! Yeah~ MaraMudShrimp~ It's very crispy because it's fried before stir-frying The shell is very soft, so you can eat it whole It tastes very savory Shrimp having eggs is very savory It is much more soft than small crab frying Hey much shrimp sir~ I'm a gangster~ Didn't you subscribe yet? Yeah~ this is really delicious~ Not a joke

There is no mud smell at all Honey~ tell them about mala taste Oh~ this mala sauce is My tongue is tingling even though I haven't eaten a few If i used 1 pack all I don't think I can kiss you from now on (Smile) (What the

) LOL With Malamudshrimp Tsingtao Beer~ The more I eat, the more I feel like my tongue is gone Feel of anesthetic cream on the tongue But it's weird I keep getting my hands on it

Umm~ This is what mala is~ By the way my tongue is strange! (Honey!) (Honey!) My score is 4

1 point(weird tongue)

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