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Make 3 grooves in strong powder and add sugar and salt dry yeast to each groove and mix He said that if sugar, salt, and yeast come in direct contact, fermentation may be affected You can mix the powder evenly Add the egg, unsalted butter (or melted butter) at room temperature, slightly warm milk, and mix it with a spatula

After baking for a long time, my wrist became weak and my hands kneading bread made a lot of trouble I was sick for a few days, so I couldn't even get out of it So I dilute the dough so that the hand mixer doesn't get too much After turning for 3 minutes and resting for about 1 minute, I did a total of 3 times, but fortunately the hand mixer was getting hot, but it worked well *If you use only hand kneading, reduce the milk to about 50ml

Butter should be beaten with hand kneading, and then put in room temperature butter I think the dough that I use with my hands will be smoother and smoother, but if my wrist is weak like me, even if I knead it like this, it will make moist bread It's a lot of dough It's okay to work while spraying the powder And it's much easier if you put a lot of butter on your hands and work I only touched it gently with my hands I didn't throw it or not, but I think I just touched the video Put the dough in the bowl If you put butter on the inside of the bowl and put it in, it will fall off easily Wrapped and fermented for about an hour at room temperature It's hot these days, so it works well When you press it with your finger, it fits like a belly button

Press firmly to drain the gas and remove it from the ball I divided the dough into 16 pieces It was good to weigh the total dough and divide it by 16 to match the weight of the dough Make the dough round while degassing the dough Put on the rap and ferment it for 2~15 minutes Degas the dough and make it round and put it in a mold When I make bread, it feels really good to feel this soft dough So I like to make bread, but I couldn't make it often Put on the rap and ferment until the dough doubles (I took about 30 minutes) Mix the egg yolks with a little milk and apply it on the top This will make the baking color darker If you apply only Yuu, the color will be slightly lighter I don't put anything on the top and I bake it I think you can choose according to your taste^^ I baked it in an oven preheated to 170 degrees for 20 minutes If you apply butter when it's hot, you can get a more savory flavor and shine It is a moist morning bread with a lot of milk ^^ Most of all, it was good to make it without putting any strain on the wrist

The texture is alive and really moist I can't forget this tearing feeling^^ Thanks for watching^^

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