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이탈리아 가정식 티라미수 + 레이디 핑거 만들기 : Italian Tiramisu + Ladyfingers Recipe : ティラミス | Cooking tree



* Make the Lady Finger * Separate the egg whites and yolks Don't forget to wash your hands after touching the egg ^^ Add sugar and vanilla extract to egg yolk Mix until the sugar melts Make meringue Whipp the egg whites until you get a big bubble Add half the sugar and whip at low speed for about 30 seconds Add the rest of the sugar and whip at low speed for about 30 seconds and then raise at high speed to make a firm meringue Finally, whip it at a low speed for 1-2 minutes Mix the meringue in the egg yolk mixture 2-3 times and mix Don't mix quickly, mix gently to incorporate meringue Pour the cake flour, corn starch and baking powder together Mix evenly Put it in a piping bag Pipe to suitable size Lift the tip slightly and pipe slowly to thicken it Sprinkle with sugar and powdered sugar Bake for about 13 minutes at 180 degrees (preheat: 20 minutes at 190 degrees) Leave to cool and remove * Make the Coffee * I used a moka pot at home to brew coffee You can make the coffee as you like, such as with instant coffee or capsule coffee espresso

I think the coffee for tiramisu should be a bit thick and sweet I think moka pot is good to brew dark coffee Mix the brewed coffee with cold water and sugar to make coffee water *Make the Cream* Add the sugar to the egg yolk and whip You should use fresh eggs Don't use a shell to separate it, but use an egg separator or tool Whipp it until the sugar is melted and the egg is white and creamy Add mascarpone cheese and mix Mix well until you get a soft cream Make meringue with egg whites Divide the meringue in 2 and mix well * Make the Tiramisu * Soak Ladyfingers with coffee and arrange them on the bottom of the mold Pour the cream and flatten it Arrange the soaked ladyfinger on top of the cream Pour the cream again to fill the mold Refrigerate for 2-3 hours or at least one night I put powdered sugar to prevent dampness because I have to shoot the video, but you can skip this step ^^ It's one of the most famous Italian dessert I used fresh eggs and it was more savory and delicious Good luck! Thank you for watching ^^

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