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Place a bowl of eggs on a pot of hot water Add sugar, honey and vanilla extract and stir gently Stir gently, raise the temperature to around 40 degrees and lower the bowl from the pan Melt the bowl of butter and milk in a saucepan Whip until it becomes a rich ivory color with a hand mixer Whip 3 minutes 30 seconds at high speed, 2 minutes at medium speed, and 2 minutes at the lowest speed I add a little bit of food coloring to color it When the dough is dropped, the shape must remain

Sift the flour with sieve Mix well until you can't see the raw powder Take out the butter and the milk, and mix a part of the dough Pour into the dough and mix well Put it in a mold, arrange large bubbles and bake in a 170 degree oven for 40 minutes (preheat: 180 degrees 20 minutes) After cooling the cake sheet, cut the bottom surface and prepare three pieces of 15cm in height and cut it into 15cm frames Cherry remove seeds and cut into small pieces Put chopped cherries and sugar in a pot and boil over low heat Boil for 2 minutes after the water comes out, add lemon juice and boil for 3 minutes When putting fruit in fresh cream, just putting it in may cause water, so it's better to put it after cooking This time I'm going to make glaze too Sieve and separate the flesh and juice Let it cool completely at room temperature Whip the cream with sugar Add the sieve sieved Whipped to make a soft cream In this dilute ecology, take about a quarter of the cream, put it in the refrigerator and whip it gently for the last icing to use it for more gentle icing Roll up the sheet and apply the syrup (syrup was boiled with sugar:water=1:5, then cooled completely) I'm going to eat it at home, so I made a syrup that's not too sweet to my liking The syrup makes the cake more moist Roll up the cream and stack in order It is easy to raise the height of the sheet evenly when you work on the side

Flatten the sides and top Put it in the refrigerator for a while Put a bowl of white chocolate in a bowl of hot water, add butter and melt with a medium bath Add soaked gelatin and mix If gelatin is not mixed well, heat for 10 seconds in a microwave and stir quickly If the gelatin is too cold, butter and chocolate may harden and mix poorly Add the juice from the sifted cherries and mix I thought it was lacking in color, so I added an additional color If you sieve, the bubbles are removed The cake was kept in the refrigerator for about 20 minutes Glaze's temperature was around 33-34 degrees

I increased the glaze a little bit to make it flow naturally, but if you want to make it flow less, adjust it Put the cherries before the glaze is completely solidified I think it’s a little boring because I’m only posting cherry I had a coffee tree in my house, so I took a few leaves and washed it Cherry fresh cream cake with red glaze! When cutting a cake with chocolate or glaze, cut the knife with hot water to remove the water before cutting it It has really good flavor because it contains cherry pulp Cherry is really delicious these days ^^ My love Cherry~~ The moist sheet and the fragrant cream are really good Thanks for watching^^

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New Cookery Recipes
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