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Gently loosen the butter that has dried at room temperature Add peanut butter and mix Add brown sugar and mix (1/2 of total sugar) If you mix all the sugar at first, it will melt a lot during mixing and cracking will not occur Add the eggs and mix (don't mix too long) Add the remaining sugar and mix gently Sift gravity, baking powder and baking soda Collect the powders, mix them evenly, and sieve them to mix them evenly Mix with a spatula, cutting until the powder is not visible

Take half of the dough and roll it into a cylindrical shape to freeze it I made a lot of dough to make it into different shapes, but about 18 to 20 round cookies come out in half Wrap the other half in a wrap and rest in the refrigerator I made peanut-shaped cookies in two ways with the dough suspended in the refrigerator Make peanut from the beginning I pressed it with a fork to mark it It's baked for 8 minutes, so it's crispy The shape is flat and the pattern is a little blurred This time, roll the dough round and stick it I made a pattern with a knife I baked 9 minutes The cookie spreads slightly, but the pattern is crisp and plump Cut the frozen dough into 1~1

5cm thick and pan I baked it in the 180 degree oven for 11-13 minutes Cookies spread slightly, so please set a little space It cracks naturally and is baked I use the LG DIOS lightwave oven and I baked it in the 2nd column from below During the baking, the fragrant peanut butter flavor was full in the whole house My younger brother came out and said that it smells like grilled butter

I baked for 11 minutes The outside is slightly crispy and the inside is moist! This is a 13-minute grill The sound is different Thanks for watching^^

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