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Solve the eggs and vanilla extract Add sugar and salt and mix Sieve the flour Add 100g of milk and mix When the flour is loosened, add 400 g of the remaining milk and mix Add melted unsalted butter and mix Sift the dough Cover the wrap and let it cool for 30 minutes in the refrigerator Add some white and red food coloring to the dough and lighten the color Turn on the light with low heat Apply cooking oil and wipe with a kitchen towel to coat Pour the dough and turn the pan to spread it thinly When the air bubbles rise, turn it over and cook it slightly I baked a total of 16 pieces, 4 pieces per color Add some red food coloring to the dough and make the color slightly darker Bake 4 pieces in the same way Color darker and repeat baking 2 more times Cool the baked crepe Cut into molds that use chilled crepes I used a 15cm heart mold Put strawberry jam in cold cream and whip it to make cream Because it was low in the frame, I used a 8cm mustard Put the darkest crepe in the mold first and flatten it Put on the cream and apply evenly Put crepe of the same color, apply cream and stack repeatedly Stack 4 dark crepes, then repeat from dark to light Raise the crepe and press the edges tightly so that the shape comes out neatly

Clean the cream on the top and harden it for 2 hours in the refrigerator Please remove the mold and mousse Clean the sides smoothly with a spatula I whipped 50g of fresh cream and put it on the cake to decorate it I put strawberry jam in the cream and it tastes much better than a regular crepe cake ~ It has a lovely pink gradation Thank you for watching today ~ * ^^ *

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