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핸드메이드(ง˙∇˙)ว 타피오카펄 흑설탕 버블 만들기 : Handmade Tapioca Pearl(Boba) Recipe : タピオカパール | Cooking tree



First, prepare tapioca starch I used 100% tapioca starch Combine brown sugar and water in a pot Boil mixture on medium to high heat Continuously stir to combine and prevent burning Off the fire when all the sugar has completely melted and mixture is bubbling Add some tapioca starch and mix well until completely combined Place back on med low heat, stir continuously Turn off heat when mixture starts to bubble, stir continuously Add the remaining tapioca starch and mix

Mix gently, don't overwork the mixture Place dough on a flat surface Stretch dough until smooth and all combined Wrap dough to rest and prevent dough from drying out Next, I'll make a black tapioca pearl with cocoa powder Mix tapioca starch and cocoa powder evenly Put brown sugar and water in the pot and boil Turn off heat when mixture begins to boil Mix small amount of starch and cocoa mixture in Place back on heat to boil Once it has thicken, place remaining dry ingredients Roll out on a flat, dry surface Use hands to stretch dough until smooth and all combined Wrap dough After gently roll out the dough Please divide it into a suitable size Roll the individually cut pieces into log shapes Dust over with tapioca starch powder to prevent sticking Cut the dough into smaller pieces Roll each cut piece into balls

Gently roll to prevent breaking Dust with tapioca starch to prevent sticking Boil the pot with water When the water boils, please put the dough If you put it in from a distance, hot water may splash Put it close by using a spatula When dough floats to the surface, reduce the fire slightly and leave to boil for 20 minutes

I think it would be nice to boil it while stirring it to prevent it sticking and sticking because of the starch powder Turn off the heat and cover the lid for about 20 minutes Use a sieve to separate pearls and excess starch liquid Pour cold water to remove excess starch from the outside Place in ice water and rinse once more Move the rinsed pearl back into a pot Add brown sugar and water

Place on med high heat and mix well If you start boiling, reduce to about fire and boil for 5 to 7 minutes Continue stirring When the mixture has thickened, turn off heat Place completed pearls into cup using either a funnel or a spoon Enjoy!

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