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🆕How To Cook Sprite Chicken Wings ➡ Sprite Chicken By Nale Jhole Must See!



On behalf of Nalejhole, I, Kakon, welcome you all again Today I will show you a bizarre recipe Bizarre in name but in Tests but it's awesome The name is Sprite Chicken Wings Isn't it strange that the name is in South East Asia Those who live or go for a walk But they are very familiar with this name This chicken is very popular there Available only after 10 minutes line I can talk so much by licking my fingers You will be forced, so let's get started This is a new recipe I just took the wings of the chicken here You can also make other pieces if you want I washed the chickens well and left them This time first I have a spoonful of soya sauce One tablespoon oyster sauce I am giving one spoon of garlic paste I am giving garlic here, but garlic powder is used in real cooking Then I add a teaspoon of peeper powder I am smearing the chicken wings very well Look, I'm taking a lot of time so that I can smear the chicken wings well After everything is smeared I will leave the chicken for half an hour This time I am putting the chickens in the pan I'll give you a cup of Sprite now, I'm here I am using Sprite if you want but you can use any white soft drink Such as Mountain Dew, 7Up, but you can use them nothing more to give This time I will continue to stir the chickens with the sprite very well I will do the whole cooking in medium flame now Now I will do the whole cooking in medium flame

If you cook in high flame then the sprite will dry very quickly And the thing I want will not come I will now continue to cook the chicken over medium heat See Sprite but slowly drying up And my chicken tao is also boiled This sauce will be perfectly melted And the chicken is too good to marinate for half an hour Will become soft and juicy I had the sauce and see with the chicken skin It's getting stuck My Sprite Chicken Wings are ready Doesn't the chicken look very juicy? But it will be just as beautiful to eat Let people come home or any other occasion You can cook this without any hassle Stay well, stay healthy And of course let me know in the comments how this new cooking felt Then try this new dish at home today Thank you so much for watching this video with me for the last time

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New Cookery Recipes
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