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🇷🇺🇰🇷AMWF 국제커플 | DADDY TO COOK BABY FOOD / 오늘은 아빠가 요리사



It's 9am in the morning and, we have a special plan for today This video is not about me eating or my husband eating, It's all about our son Theo's Why today is a special day is because, his daddy is gonna cook for him for the first time so, I'm a bit nervous and for dinner, Theo is gonna get something special, In Russia, kids get cottage cheese starting from 6th month, and he is 9 month now but, there is no cottage cheese in Korea, and I found out the recipe, I'm gonna cook it Hope he likes it Good morning Theo~ Hungry? Hungry? We have a special menu for you today Your daddy is gonna cook for you for the first time in your life! What are you doing? Reading Reading what? [Korean] 'Baby meal is different' We have so many books here and there, but so many recipes as well, I don't know what to pick so hard So did you make up your mind? I think so~ For today's lunch, I'm gonna cook 핑거주먹밥(Finger Fist Rice), which is Finger Fist Rice Right here! Sounds yummy~ wow~ Hope our son will enjoy it I hope you do it often But we are lacking of ingredients, we need to go shopping to buy all these stuffs Oh right, let's go shopping! So firstly I need to buy meat [Korean] Is it tender? [Korean] Yes, isn't it for a soup? [Korean] I'm gonna steam it [Korean] Steam it? [Korean] Yes for a baby This one looks fine Fine? What is that? Marbling [Korean] Korean beef brisket What else do you need? Carrot You need a carrot This is a good one How much? Already cleaned 1,300 won? Okay~ So, I'm done with mine What else do you need? I need milk A pack of milk please~ Okay, we've done Let's get back home Yeah Honey, how much of meat do I need? I don't know, depending on how much you gonna cook I think it's too much Is it a little bit too much? I can eat I can eat Try to use this one Better? Didn't you forget something? oh woo~~ Do I need to boil more? How many minutes was it boiled? It was a 3? 4? I think it's enough 5? so which oil do I need to use? Coconut? Olive? or sesame? Let's go for olive olive Just need to make sure that all surface is covered So, meat in! looks good? I'm hungry actually Meat is done Carrot is done I need to find 김(seaweed) This is a premium quality [Korean] Premium seaweed Seems like rice is ready Let me check It's just rice Smells like rice There is a boiled carrot here Fried meat, Premium seaweed, Cheese, mozzarella Sesame oil, and rice I'm kinda nervous but let me try my best Theo, your daddy is cooking for you Can you believe it? Your son is hungry! Just a bit, please~ So, a bit of sesame oil, and meat in, Carrot in, and lastly, let me bring up with my secret tool so cheese is ready, Cheese in! You know, if you go to a sushi place, They usually put a plate, kinda wooden plate on your table and serve one by one That's how I'm gonna serve him today First time daddy cooks for you Make a ball

Doesn't look like a ball Bon appetite! What is that

? How is it Theo? You like father's Finger Fist Rice with a bunch of love! Happy? You should say thank you daddy~ [Korean] 감사합니다(Thank you) Time for dinner! Russian Dvorak, or cottage cheese in English Let's do it! What I need, Milk, and Lemon juice That's it Pour it in the pot and heat it up to 60 degrees this is really important, 60 degrees You're probably questioning how I'm gonna exactly check 60, right? Yes Easily I just need a magic stick Like, this one! So, let's see oh, 59 60 degrees! so what's next, you need to reduce the fire and, magic starts A lot of lemon juice So you can see the milk is turning into solids It needs to be cooled down and be dried a bit and it will be fine So it's been 2 hours, let's see how it looks like now For me, looks likes cottage cheese It's actually good Do you wanna try? nice right? [Russian] It's Dvorak, Dvorak! [Russian] What do we have it here? [Russian] What is this? [Russian] Dvorak GOD SAVES ME HE ENJOYED MY DISH~~~~~ A LOT MORE THAN YOURS:) I don't think so, Whatever I think you enjoyed the process more, BUT! Anyways, as a mom, I might say It was the first time for my husband to cook anything for Theo, Right? FIRST TIME! And if you think your dish was so good that he enjoyed it, Why don't you cook it everyday? Everyday

? Yup, starting from tomorrow, if you think that my dish is not good enough for him, you can cook all dishes for him I I didn't say he just liked my dish, He also enjoyed your dish, right Theo? To be honest, I wasn't really a good father in terms of preparing a meal for our baby Throughout this video, I knew that how

how it's difficult especially how to organize and set up the menu for a week or even for a month So glad to hear that We will do everything to make him grow well and be healthy and a happy child as he is now So, that's all for today Theo, say good bye to everyone [Russian] Bye bye~

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New Cookery Recipes
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