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– Okay, friends We are pushing it time-wise, as always

My name's Jamerrill Welcome If you're new here, this is Large Family Table I help moms feed all their people, 'cause I've got a lot of people to feed I'm a mama and we have a family of 10, and yeah, these people wanna eat all day, every day

This is going to be five more sheet pan dinners Well, hello You're interrupted Future Jamerrill is saying thank you to Thrive Market for sponsoring our video Thrive Market is an online marketplace making healthy living and healthy eating affordable and accessible to everyone

And if you're new to Thrive Market, you can give them a try today and they are giving you an extra 25% off your first order, plus a free 30-day trial So when you're done watching these five sheet pan dinners, don't forget to click the first link in the description below and save yourself that 25% and get your free 30-day trial So tonight, a little bit going on Got grandmother in town, that's my mama We're gonna drop her and Zion off at taekwondo, and then I'm taking the five other kids in the herd and we are going to Vacation Bible School every night this week

So we need to leave in less than an hour, and I'm still doing dinner What we are doing tonight is we are gonna do garlic butter salmon with roasted potatoes, and I'm going to do broccoli In my last sheet pan dinner recipe video, I did a lot of roasted broccoli in the oven That may come up with other sheet pan dinners this week, but I'm just gonna boil my broccoli or steam my broccoli or whatever you wanna call it on the stovetop I'm gonna get the potatoes going in the oven, and then I'm gonna add the salmon and we're gonna go from there

Let me show you the salmon that I picked up Okay, so here we go This was the value family pack from Aldi We've got 279 pounds, it was $7

69 per pound, so for my large family grocery budget, this is not a cheap dinner, but this is a yummy dinner You can also find this on sale, have some in your freezer, whatever, let's go We'll do this salmon tonight I've got five-pound bag of roasting potatoes We are going to get these washed off, I'm just gonna chop 'em in half or quarter 'em really quick, get 'em on the pan with some oil, and I'm just going to go ahead and start baking these, because the salmon really doesn't take that long at all

It only takes about 10 or 11 minutes So we're gonna give these potatoes about 10 minutes, then add the salmon on Meanwhile we'll get the water boiling, get the broccoli going, and I'll just get plates and such Kids, if you hear thunder, they're running around upstairs picking up, cleaning bedrooms and such before we go out to VBS all evening Okay, so here are the five pounds of red potatoes

Just drizzled a little bit of avocado oil over them, I put salt and pepper on them, sprinkled them with some garlic powder and paprika Just flipping 'em around a bit And now I'm gonna put these in the oven for about 10 minutes while I get some other things going Then we'll add the salmon on here But here we go so far

For the roasted garlic butter sauce that we're making, I am doing four tablespoons of butter that I'm gonna soften right now, four tablespoons of minced garlic, and I thought, oh no, where'd it go, but I found my jar And then four tablespoons of lemon juice Probably put a little salt and pepper in there too Gonna just microwave it for about 30 seconds and see how it looks after that Several of you asked me in my other five sheet pan dinners video why I wanted everything on one sheet pan, why I didn't put the veggies on one or the meat on the other

And that's the fun thing with sheet pan dinners, is cooking 'em all together That's part of the fun So I'm gonna put this salmon right on down the middle There it is The lemon garlic butter that I just made took about a minute total to soften in the microwave

So we're gonna lay the salmon on down the middle and pour the butter, and then also do some salt and pepper on top So here we go We made room for the salmon There's the lemon garlic butter sauce Potatoes could use another 10 minutes or so, so this is going back in the oven

So here we go, in all of its lemon garlic butter goodness I'm gonna serve this up, and our broccoli's done too Now I'll show you the plates So here we've got Benjamin's plate It's a little hot though, so I'm gonna let that cool while I make some more plates

Okay, so yes, because we're running out the door, of course, around the kitchen counter, here we go This is Amelia and Daniel's, and there's Benjamin's again Now I'm gonna serve these out So I am back with night two of five more sheet pan dinners that I've been filming every night this week, except I skipped last night because I went on a three-mile hike, just got back and didn't have enough time to cook and film Sorry, now I'm fixing my sign

Did not have enough time to cook and film and all that goes into it 'Cause of course cooking and trying to think coherent thoughts and filming takes a few more extra brain cells So I made us a great big salad and we ran out the door to Vacation Bible School last night But tonight I'm going to do turkey meatloaves, and we're going to have those with sweet potatoes and carrots So let's get going on this

I'm gonna do this with ground turkey tonight, as I mentioned You can use ground beef, you can use any kind of meat that you would have on hand But tonight, for something different, I am using ground turkey Breadcrumb-wise, I am going to use this big old thing of bread crumbs that I've had in my pantry for almost a year, but we're still within date, yay A lot of times when I do oatmeal I will use old-fashioned oats, but I wanna use these up

So this is Italian-style breadcrumbs They will go perfect with our meatloaf (gentle music) Okay So we got a whole onion that's gonna go in I'm gonna crack in four eggs

I'm gonna put in two cups of breadcrumbs I can't find my one-cup measuring cup, so I'm gonna use my half cup Okay, so there's two cups of breadcrumbs Now I'm gonna put the meat in, and we'll get making patties Okay, as always, I was getting ahead of myself

I totally forgot the garlic powder, and I was gonna put a little basil in there and some ketchup So I'm gonna add those in, mix it again, and then we'll finally get these turkey meatloaf burgers that we're making on the pan So there you go It looks just like a little patty Okay, and now I'm going to quickly slice down some baby carrots and and some sweet potatoes and roll 'em in some oil and throw 'em on the sheet pans too

Okay, so here we go We have two full-size sheet pans loaded down with turkey burger meatloaves and sweet potatoes and carrots These are gonna go in the oven at 425 for 20 minutes So what I'm doing here is, we had some salad left over from last night, and I had a whole thing of spring mix, so I've made everybody little salads Everything's gonna be done here in a few minutes

Now I'm just gonna put some bacon bits, some sunflower seeds, little bit of ranch, ranch fixes everything, and we have little salads with our meatloaves and sweet potatoes All right, I just pulled this first sheet pan out I'm gonna start divvying it up for dinner The second one is in the oven I put it back on for 10 more minutes 'cause that was my lower pan that I brought up

I can never remember to switch 'em in between, but that's okay This is the second panful that I just pulled out I forgot to tell you with the first pan or show it, I did take the internal temperature and make sure that all the burgers got to be at least 165 degrees And you see that's 197 and still going With turkey burgers, you just wanna get it to that 165 internal temperature

And yeah, these are all hitting 200 Yeehaw So here's everybody's plates tonight We got our sweet potatoes, carrots, the turkey burger meatloaves, even Benjamin's little plate, there's the older people's plates So yeehaw, let's have dinner

So here we've got some dry roasted and salted almonds, here are some sprouted toasted coconut rice There's gonna be noise behind me, guys, 'cause we're getting ready to go out to our homeschool group picnic Then in here we have, oh, I can't wait to try this 24 herbs and spices seasoning I thought I would try this on several different things coming up

And then here, and I love how they have this wrapped Oh, and I just ran out of this last night You're gonna be so excited when you see it I needed some more avocado oil, so this is from Primal Kitchen, we got some avocado oil here I like to use avocado oil in a lot of my sheet pan dinners

And then here, this I'm super excited about, because so many of you in my last video were talking to me about different flavors and things I can do with the chicken, and we are going to use one of these for tonight for sure So here is sesame ginger vinaigrette and marinade with avocado oil The hardest part will be which one we do tonight And then this one is Italian vinaigrette and marinade I think I'm feeling kicky

Let's use the sesame ginger tonight So here are the chicken breasts This is about six pounds This chicken breast, it's organic free-range chicken breast that came from my Thrive Market meat order The packets were anywhere from 1

39 pound per pack, some of these were 144 pounds per pack Anyway, my chicken's ready to go Here is my sesame ginger marinade I'm gonna pour this over it, yay

And then we will be gone at our homeschool group picnic for about, I'm gonna say it's gonna be about five hours or so In a perfect world I would have got this marinating last night, but oh well, five or six hours will be great I'm going to cover this and get it in the refrigerator to let it marinate while we're gone for the day When we come back home, I'll get it in the oven Okay, so we are back from our all day in the, we had a picnic shelter, and then we played in the sun

And I got a Diet Pepsi on the way home I was tired It was lots of fun but, great homeschool group picnic Back home now, we've had a rest If I look like a mama who has lots of energy, it's because I lay down in my drool and took a nap, yes I did

So now I'm gonna get dinner cooking, and we're flipping to go back out to our last night of Vacation Bible School, which is always a lot of fun 'cause that's when the kids do their little song and dance presentation We've had the chicken marinating all day, so this is going to be sesame ginger chicken sheet pan dinner We're gonna have some roasted brussels sprouts This looks so yummy from Thrive Market It's organic sprouted whole grain gluten free toasted coconut rice

I'm really interested to try this So let's get cooking (bright gentle music) So the chicken breasts I'm using are from Thrive Market This is from their meat box that you can order Also, the toasted coconut rice is from Thrive Market

I'm gonna go wash my brussels sprouts And roasted brussels sprouts work well with chicken because they take about the same amount of time to cook, which is about 30 to 35 minutes Now, I need to do this different I was thinking in my head I was going to just throw some avocado oil on the brussels sprouts when they're on the pan Gabriel, just set that over there, honey

But instead, I'm going to take a minute and just roll 'em in the bowl This will be easier, Jamerrill This is also the avocado oil from Thrive Market Okay, and I'm just gonna pour a little bit of this marinade over the top of the chicken We've got some left

So here we go Here's the sesame ginger chicken and the roasted brussels sprouts, about to be roasted brussels sprouts, and these were tossed in the avocado oil I've got two pans Okay, so I'm putting in the rice Got that in the oven, got the rice simmering on the stove

I'm gonna work on some other stuff, fly around for a few minutes, get mama stuff done Remember, if you're new to Thrive Market, they wanna give you 25% off your first purchase plus a free 30-day trial Just click the link in the description below and that'll take you right to that special deal, just for you Okay, guys, so here is a look at tonight's dinner We've got the sesame ginger chicken, the roasted brussels sprouts, and then that coconut rice, look at that

It's even got shaved coconut in it Yum So we're gonna eat and run off to VBS Another day, another prepping for another, I think it's our fourth sheet pan dinner in this five more sheet pan dinner recipes video that I'm pulling together this week by the seat of my pants, how I like to do all things in life I tell you, I saw this meme this week and it said, me winging it and in parentheses it said, about something I most definitely should not be winging

(laughs) It just cracked me up Anyhoo, so what I'm doing to do for tonight's sheet pan dinner, now, I will say, it's morning time here We're getting ready to go out and celebrate what we call international Zion day, 'cause yesterday was Zion's birthday, but today is the day we're gonna be out doing all the birthday things And I'm going to marinate, this is bone-in chicken thighs and what I'm gonna use, this is another goody from my Thrive Market order, it's from Primal Kitchen, it's Italian vinaigrette and marinade with avocado oil And the meat that we're using for tonight's sheet pan dinner are bone-in chicken thighs

This is also from my meat order from Thrive Market That's right, you can order meat from 'em, organic and free range, and it'll come in a box to your door, yes and amen So we're gonna get this marinating I'm gonna wrap it up and let it sit in the refrigerator all day Tonight when we get home from all our other running around, we will do these, oh, thank you, Amelia

You get in the van, honey Tonight when we get back home from all of our birthday fun, we will do these Italian bone-in chicken thighs and some roasted red potatoes Right now, though, let's get this chicken marinating for a whole day It's probably gonna marinate eight to 12 hours at this point (gentle music) So we are back from going over the river, through the woods

We met up with some other family, had lunch out at Cracker Barrel, went to see some movies, been celebrating Zion Zion got to do some shopping and stuff So we are back now, and I am going to get these bone-in chicken thighs that have been a good 10 hours or so (laughs) in this Italian marinade that I got from Thrive Market Also, I've got a five-pound bag of red potatoes We're gonna roll those in some of the avocado oil I got from Thrive Market, and then I have never tried, I love Bragg's products, but this is an organic sprinkle of 24 herbs and spices, and it just, I smell it, and again, we need Smell-O-Vision

But I just picture this being really good on potatoes I've never tried it We're gonna sprinkle the potatoes in this as well So let's get this on the sheet pan (bright gentle music) All right, here's a look at both of these bone-in chicken thigh sheet pan dinners with the five-pound bag of red potatoes

Again, the red potatoes were rolled in avocado oil and I've used this delicious-smelling spice on the potatoes So this will be available through the Thrive Market link in the description I didn't even know this was a thing, so I'm so glad to have found it, because it's gonna be just fantastic on those potatoes, I just know it And I put those chicken thighs in at 425 for about 40 minutes Of course at 40 minutes, we're gonna take the internal temperature and make sure they reach a temperature of at least 165 degrees

Yay I wanna give you guys a quick tour here on the Thrive Market site If you look here, the Frozen button, yes This is where I got the chicken that I used in two of these sheet pan dinners So they have actual meat bundles that you can order, so you can look here and you are able to get those same meat bundle options that I was able to take advantage of as well

So here's the first pan out, and we just got done with, we did a reverse birthday birthday party, goodies first Now I'm gonna make plates with dinner and show you what those look like That potato is so happy, it's almost jumping off the plate I knew those would look and taste amazing So there we go, there is our bone-in chicken thigh, there are those beautiful potatoes, and a big hunk of salad

Yay, dinner Belong to a better market Thrive Market is an online marketplace on a mission to make healthy living easy and affordable for everyone You can shop for thousands of the best-selling organic foods and natural products at 25 to 50% below traditional retail prices Filter the catalog by products by your values and dietary preferences

Whether you're paleo, gluten-free, raw vegan, or feeding a growing family, you can shop along 80 plus qualities, including non-GMO, fair trade certified, BPA-free, and more You'll get everything you need, snacks, vitamins, supplements, personal care They also have safe and nontoxic beauty products, kitchen staples, home goods, organic baby products, and much more And just like that, it is our fifth night of sheet pan dinners This is going to be a lemon garlic tilapia

We are going to have zucchini and squash roasted with it I'm here looking at it in the bags from Aldi It's finding its purpose in life It's so exciting So let's get this dinner on the sheet pan

So this is the tilapia I got at Aldi All of these are 3/4 pounds, and it was $579 a pound So we have about three pounds or so total, and yeah, we're gonna get the vegetables chopped Here's the zucchini, there's the squash

Get 'em all chopped up and on these sheet pans We've been at the lake all day If I, little tired, little dull, a little slow, it's nine now, or 9:20 It's late Normal people have already eaten and gone to bed, but these Stewarts, I tell ya, sometimes they're eating dinner at 9:45 at night

Happens when you're out buzzing around So we're gonna eat, and then we're gonna go to bed and get up and we got church and all our things in the morning, again Let's do this dinner Okay, so here are the squash and the zucchini I just quickly chopped 'em up

I had about six small squash and six small zucchini You see this is definitely not my biggest bowl I'm gonna roll these now in some avocado oil Okay, so here are these gorgeous sheet pans And of course with this, we're also gonna have a big salad

Then I'm going to put these sheet pan dinners in the oven at 425 for about 20 minutes It's a real quick dinner So here are the sheet pans pulled out, and now we're gonna make our plates – [Child] Yeah Mommy – Yeah Mommy, yeah Mommy

So here you go, here's dinner tonight Okay, guys This one little half piece of fish is all that's left They love it This is it

And remember, if you're new to Thrive Market and you want to give them a try, they're giving you an extra 25% off their already low prices plus a free 30-day trial Just click the link in my description box below to get started So that's it, friends All of the five more sheet pan dinner recipes we did will be over on the blog, also down in that description I hope you enjoy these

You can also click on my sheet pan meals playlist here, where I have some great quick videos on sheet pan dinner recipes and also sheet pan breakfast recipes You don't wanna miss those I will talk to you in those comments below Bye-bye

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