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Hi, I'm Rakel and today in Veganamente I'm going to make sushi To do this we are going to need a short grain rice, sugar, soft vinegar, salt, Water, some vegetables that I cut into sticks, I'm going to use red pepper, avocado, carrot, pickled cucumber and beetroot and of course nori seaweed and its mat

The first step is to rinse the rice, we wash it well, clarifying it and changing the water 7 or 8 times so that it releases well, well the starch Well, this is already, I do not know if they have been 7 or 8 times !!, but hey, that's it Now what we are going to do is leave it here to recover, about 10 minutes We have already had it resting for 10 minutes, you see how loose it has been, So now, what we're going to do is put it to cook in cold water, in a pot with salt We will put on a high heat, once it breaks to boil, We put it on medium heat and let it cook covered, about 10 or 15 minutes

1st IS RINSED 7 TIMES 2nd LEAVE TO REST 10 MIN 3º GOES TO COOK TO STRONG FIRE IN COLD WATER AND SALT 4º WHEN YOU HERB, WE PUT IT TO AVERAGE FIRE, PLUGGED, ABOUT 10 OR 15 MIN The 10 minutes have passed, so now we take it away from the fire and we'll leave it covered, resting, for about 5 more minutes We pass it to another container because here, it has to cool down But now, taking advantage of the fact that it is hot, we are going to incorporate the vinegar and the sugar

Another way to incorporate this is to lightly warm the vinegar, pour the sugar so that it dissolves well and then let it cool well before putting it on the rice I'm going to do it like this, cold We remove it And now we have to wait for it to cool down, we can help it cool by fanning, at the same time we remove it, or well, if we have time, remove it from time to time and let it cool naturally The rice has already cooled enough, so now let's move on to what the sushi assembly is

To make the sushi rolls, place on the mat a piece of nori seaweed, with the rough part up, this is where we will put the rice, the bright part will be the one that looks to be more beautiful Then we will put the rice here, occupying two thirds of the surface, well extended to the edges Well, you'll see, we'll put the vegetables, roll up and well, see how it goes! We wet our hands a little And we take a portion of rice We are going to extend it

I love how the seaweed smells, only when it gets wet and a little with the rice, it gives off a delicious smell !! We spread all the rice evenly, until the edges and we leave this piece without rice, so that it sticks when rolled Now we put the vegetables that we prefer I am going to put pepper that I have removed the skin and avocado, I'm going to put it also And now let's roll it up We go there! Now here we press well! We wet the seaweed a bit! And we rolled to the end We would have a roll made

Now let's cut and what is sushi and for that we will take a knife that is well sharpened We wet the edge of the knife well And we cut carefully so it does not break And we get wet every time This is the result!! you see what color has been more cool! They are to eat them! VEGANÍZATE !!It is a recipe that I had many thanks to make It is a recipe that I had many thanks to make and you see that it is much simpler than it seems, so I encourage you to dare

All the ingredients of this recipe, you know, below in the description of the video along with the links to my social networks There you will also find the link to my blog wwwveganamentees where in addition to other recipes different from those that I publish here, you will find other very interesting things If you liked the recipe, it's going to be yes! Leave me a like, subscribe and share

Once again, thanks for stopping by here and see you in the next recipe Bye!!

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