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🐠 Asian style grilled fish recipe // resepi ikan bakar air asam kerisek istimewa



hi all! Welcome to my channel EASY DIY COOKING In this video I will share with you how to make baked fish I'm here 2 simple tilapia fish I will show you how to fish this fish let's go to my sink! this is the fish that is ready soaked in tamarind water I will show you how to prepare this banana leaf galangal let's undo all this stuff salt sugar the ingredients list are in the video deskping section and I put a bit of seasoning powder (up to) 1/2 tsp start again rain is very heavy outside! this fish has been washed clean so no need to wash again ok and let's put the frying paste now we can wrap this fish I forgot something try you to come? I forgot to put this

turmeric leaf! so i'll re-open and close again so our baking pan is hot I will apply a little cooking oil ordinary cooking oil only so have finished burning for 10 minutes next let's invert this fish be careful burned for 10 minutes special roast fish let's see this one this is a special acid water with chirp (please watch the next video for a recipe how to make it) I'll pass a little lemon acid water I tried the fish first very delicious! ok all

that's her video recipe for this time The special fish is simple and delicious! see you again on next video BYE !!!

Source: Youtube

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