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– Well friends, it's a rarity I feel like it's a rarity, at least these last several years, of having snow before Thanksgiving

But here in Virginia, look what's behind me We are having a snowy, ice storm thing today and I am cooking up a big batch, huge, big, super mega, you know how we do it around here, of waffles that we'll be having for breakfast this morning, but they're also freezer-friendly So we're gonna do the waffles and I'm gonna share with you the waffle freezer meal directions and recipe I'm ready, you ready to help me? You gonna help me mix up all this stuff? – Uh huh – [Mom] So here is everything we need to whip up our big ol' batch of our homemade waffles this morning

You ready? You ready to pour and mix and stir? No? Yes? Maybe? Got it? OK So, so far for our big ol' batch, I have added in 12 cups of flour You can use all-purpose flour or you can use whole wheat flour You can use a combination of flours But I've done 12 cups of all-purpose flour

We've also done a dozen eggs, eight cups of milk and right now, I'm gettin' ready to put in four cups of oil Last one Four – Four! – Four, good job So, you don't have to do cinnamon waffles

It's just whether you want cinnamon or not We're gonna do cinnamon waffles We're gonna do four tablespoons of cinnamon So, Liam, I will get it ready and you put it in So there's one

Now we are going to do eight tablespoons of baking powder Oh, Benjamin's excited We're gonna do eight because we're makin' a whole lotta, lotta, K? (Benjamin making noises) Oh Benjamin, yes Benjamin sees we're making something good OK, one

– One – [Mom] So I'm gonna let go Now we're gonna put in vanilla See what it smells like – Oh, kinda, it smells like soda

– I'll pass it to you, one Now this is imitation vanilla I have some pure vanilla from Aldi but I wanted to use this up, there's our cup of sugar So, now we're gonna do two teaspoons of salt One

– One – [Mom] You wanna hold that, there you go That will work Two – Two! – [Mom] Yay! Oh boy, Daniel

You gettin' excited? – Uh huh – [Mom] I'm gettin' this mixer ready – I'm so excited – You so excited? This mixer has served us well I think I got this about four years ago now and it's a KitchenAid, so it was like $29 at Wal-Mart

But it is still holding on strong I love to use it Daniel drill paw patrol, now remember, don't lift it up in the air You gotta keep it down We're gonna start it on low

– [Daniel] Mommy? (mumbling) (motor whirring) – [Mom] You're fine, you're doing well OK Daniel, you gotta use two hands Two hands, there you go Don't drop it You gotta put it down

Put it down, don't pick it up There you go I have two waffle irons now because last time I was at Aldi and I did my Aldi grocery shopping haul, they had another four piece waffle marker that I'll show you and then last year or year before, I got Aldi's Belgian waffle maker This is the model that I got for this year Now, I got it for 19

99 But then several YouTube viewers told me that when they went into Aldi to look for it, it was 1499 Now Daniel, it is gonna get hot So move your little face and then, over here, this is the Belgian waffle maker that I had got either last year or the year before

You'd have to go way back in YouTube history to see when this one was So my plan is we'll do Belgian waffles, we'll do regular old waffles We'll make a whole bunch We'll eat a whole bunch Then we're gonna freeze what's left

So it looks like step one in this new waffle maker system here See how that says zero? I just saw that, I thought, and it's cold Cold as ice So I'm gonna go over here I'm just gonna put it on max, maybe just a little bit before max

This Belgian waffle maker doesn't have, oh it does have a heat setting on top Well, I just always turn everything all the way up It's just the way things go around here OK, so here's a little real life fail moment I obviously, whoop! Put too much batter in that waffle maker

So that's OK mamas, we'll just have another go at it So this one, look, there's still hope I cleaned up the side with a washcloth It wasn't bad as it looked I thought we'd lose the whole waffle, but look at that

A beautiful Belgian waffle Perfect, yum Just need to go just a tad lighter on that and then I'll clean that mess up here Then this one Yum, it told me it was ready

Let me see here So this one looks like opposite problem I might need to put just a little bit more batter in But I liked that one I guess the Belgian waffle is technically four pieces

But I just liked the idea that whew, yeah hot, hot, hot Of course, Jamerrill, you're grabbing burning hot waffles But there ya go, waffles stacks are goin' So this one says ready Oh, well these turned out well

Those will taste just as well We're gonna have Naomi make hot chocolate for everyone while I keep our waffle station a-goin' The kids have been eating lots of waffles I've been throwing lots of waffles around here So, here is one of the Belgian waffles all cut up and ready to go

So, there is the outcome of the full mixing bowl, the Aldi waffle iron My verdict is it worked great I will show you It has made, this is what's left after all eight kids had a ton It is Travis' birthday week, so we both had some waffles too

OK, OK I didn't do anything extra special for us at this moment and then here's the Belgian waffles that are left So total, we made about 24 of these with the new Aldi waffle iron and then we made about 12 Belgian waffles I've got my last one in here right now Well, look at this

This is like serious, going in the snow, right? So I'm lettin' these waffles cool We're gonna go outside and play a little bit We are back in now, aren't we Benjamin? Actually Benjamin didn't go out So you don't know what you missed It was too cold for him

We are going a bonus with our how to make and freeze waffles Say, we're gonna make snow cream We're gonna real quick 'cause snow cream is like a five second thing We won't do a whole video for that Real quick, I wanna tell ya, November 19th is the last day to get the complete large family freezer meal collection for $54 off

It's a great deal You can get packs one through six for $35 or if you only need packs four through six, you can get those for $20 Awesome, awesome, let's make snow cream Daniel, you wanna dump it in? – Uh huh, I wanna – [Mom] I know, you wanna do stuff too and you will

We're gonna let Danieloh, woo, well, we got most of it in there Pick up what you can on the counter here and put it in the pot – [Boy] Some got on my chair – [Mom] That's OK

Awesome, awesome, you all are doing great Now, we're not gonna make coffee snow cream That's what we keep the actual sugar in Liam, look for a measuring cup OK Amelia, you can do a couple shakes of cinnamon in the pot

Couple big shakes Good job, keep going til you see the brown So it takes a couple shakes of cinnamon, yay OK, you close it up You're good with that

OK Liam, one cup and then close the sugar lid And then Daniel, let me see this Now we're gonna do two cups of milk and that's it You pour that in Wooo, one

And then, gonna do one more Benjamin's having a good ol' time with his toys Now, then Amelia's gonna start stirring OK now Amelia, you get to stir the pot of snow cream! With your wild hair don't care Hold on Benjamin

And you're ready too! (laughs) Here, hand him to me It's OK There ya go You found Mama's hip Nice

– Uh oh – Uh oh! So you can add more milk I ended up adding another cup of milk to your snow cream depending on the consistency that you life, but here's how it turned out in the little bowls Is it good, Daniel? I think this is your first time having it, Daniel So, here are the two different types of waffles

Same batter all bagged up for the freezer Gonna put them in the freezer now Of course, I'll put the date on them So all I'm gonna do ladies is when we wanna eat these waffles and they're frozen, I'm going to take a bag out from the freezer, put it in the refrigerator the day before and then the morning that I need them, I would just heat them up quickly in the microwave and we will have fresh homemade waffles even though there are two breakfast I have in the freezer now ready to go This is also an example on how you could work on getting some freezer meals in your freezer even when you don't have a full freezer cooking day

I just made a lot this morning Wish I would've had even more left, but of course, I didn't Now, here I am with zero freezer meal breakfast and now I at least have two So that's something

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