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👩 TORTILLAS con HARINA de GARBANZO INDIAS 💓 | Recetas Veganas | Veganamente



Hello!! I'm Raquel Today, in Veganamente, I'm going to make a Indian Pancake of chickpea Flour

To make them, we are going to need chickpea flour, Water, the green part of a onion, chopped purple onion, some leaves of parsley or cilantro if you like it more, seeds of cumin, turmeric, paprika, salt and olive oil we chop the parsley we put the chickpea flour into a glass container We start by pouring the water into the flour and we are pouring it little by little Removing well to make sure we do not get lumps As you can see, there is a liquid mass Now we are incorporating the rest of the ingredients

The salt, peppers, turmeric, the cumin seeds, the parsley or cilantro, if you prefer, chopped, the purple onion, the slices of chive Mix everything well and let it rest 5 minutes DO NOT WE FORGET ANYTHING? Oh!! and the oil, which I forgot 1 teaspoon of oil And what we have said, we let it rest for 5 minutes

They have already spent 5 minutes of rest, so, now we have it and we went to the pan We put a pan to heat and when it is hot, we put a little oil We spread with a paper napkin, all the surface, the edges too And we put a portion of the mixture we have made We spread all the mass on the surface

And we let it be done over medium heat until it starts to brown below and begin to detach the edges of the pan At that time we will turn it over

As you can see, the edges are already peeling off, So, you have to have a little patience It takes between 4 and 6 minutes to be done, in staying golden brown to turn it around We wait a little longer !! 6 minutes have already passed and look, it's already loosened, so, let's turn it around Be careful not to break And we left it another two minutes on this side Well this is already, so, we already have one Veganízate!! You see what a simple recipe

It is great to accompany with vegetable pates, with raw vegetables, grilled vegetables, whatever you can think of The links to my social networks and the ingredients of this recipe, in the description of the video Once again, thanks for visiting me! Leave me a LIKE if you liked the recipe, share with everyone, subscribe if you have not done so yet and see you in the next recipe Bye!!

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