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📙 Mon nouveau LIVRE de PATISSERIE ! On le feuillette ensemble ? 📙



Mum ! Oh ! Oh ! I still sleepwalking But mom, do not you see? Ah yes ! That's right, you're right

Oh well, it's better! Come on Calli, we're gone! But mom, you're not going to drive like that Ah yes ! Sorry Whatever ! It's good, we go! Mum ! Now it's confiscated Can I talk to my subscribers first? OK, but after it is confiscated OK, promised sworn! Hello pastry chef, it's Christelle! We are on "Once upon a time, pastry"

Today there will be no recipe because I will tell you about a book that came out, who is going out today! This is my new book dedicated to my YouTube recipes This new book, here it is: Once upon a time there was pastry The best recipes of the YouTube channel Inside you have 80 recipes So 60 recipes from the channel and 20 unpublished recipes

You also have a booklet of 16 pages with lots of tips on utensils, basic recipes, etc In total, 200 pages of pastry recipes This book, we will flip through it together That way you will be able to have a small glimpse of what is inside We will start with the summary

The book is divided into seven categories You have the recipes to taste, the big cakes and desserts , chocolate, party recipes, bite-sized cookies and buns, revenue trips and basic recipes I show you some recipes without revealing everything To taste it we have a cake Carambar which is an original recipe, we have the Brookies, the leopard roll that I made not so long ago on the chain, small Pop Pies, this is an original recipe, the speculoos Cheesecake you loved, the magic cake pistachios and orange blossom

We will advance a little bit in the other categories That's the invisible cake with apples, we have the mille-feuille Here we are in the section already big cake and desserts Here we have the traditional strawberry, Paris Brest with a flowing heart After in the heading 100% choco, we will find the chocolate fondant who have worked very well on the channel

The chocolate cake zucchini, I do not even mention it the chocolate cake, chocolate mousse, the royal The Rocher cake that is on the cover There are really plenty of recipes, 80 recipes For the holidays, we will find the cake of kings

After each time, you have some tips on cooking, equipment Full of questions that you ask me often to comments In fact, I try to answer everything in this book A number cake with red fruits, the passion fruit number cake, that I had done on my blog, the Piñata cake For Halloween, witches' fingers

For each recipe, I noted you little tips, to make variants of the recipes either to try to gain a little bit of time in your organization We'll move on a little bit, the crackers and buns There, we have brownie cookies, fondant cookies, Crinkles with lemon That's a page of advice After, unpublished recipes, the Galaxy Donuts

Here we have financiers with pecan and maple syrup So, there are as many easy recipes as some more elaborate recipes There is really everything, the cactus cupcakes which are unpublished, easy pancakes, little Christmas curl buns, the tropezian pie I go a little bit, the waffles of Brussels, the Sernik the Lebanese flan, Pasteis de Nata, because I was in Portugal this summer

There you go ! We come to the end, basic recipes, quick puff pastry, shortbread, pastry cream, etc Here ! I really hope he will please you He is out today! I put you a link just below, in info bar to get it If you prefer to buy the book in store, you will find it almost everywhere in France, and on Marabout editions So, it's a publisher who is really represented everywhere whether in bookstores or even in supermarkets

You can not miss it! I really hope you enjoy this book as much as I do It was but a huge job, that I realized before the holidays That's why I slowed down my video, because there was this book, this big project to prepare I hope you enjoy I also put you a link to my blog, I made an article about this book

You will find a few more photos of the recipes inside If you have any questions, do not hesitate to ask me a comment, I will answer as soon as possible And we meet Saturday 15 pm for a next recipe Ciao! And do not forget to subscribe by clicking on my head!

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