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😍 SALSA PESTO casera RECETA FÁCIL 🤗 | Recetas Veganas | Veganamente



Hi, I'm Raquel and today in Veganamente I'm going to make a pesto sauce accompanied by zucchini and carrot spaghetti To do it, we will need: a good handful of fresh basil, I'm going to use about 20 or 25 grams, about 40 milliliters of olive oil, beer yeast, 35 gr

of nuts, I'm going to use a mix of cashew nuts and macadamia nuts and salt to taste We will start by crushing the nuts Now that they are quite crushed, we incorporate basil because it is not so oxidized We will continue giving small touches, precisely for that, so that it does not rust and does not go black I'm going to throw him a little oil

Until it has a creamy texture I think I'm not going to put all the oil because for me it's already quite good, I'm going to incorporate yeast and salt now This goes to the taste, the yeast, I'm going to put it like a spoonful A little bit of salt and let's see how Let's try to see how it is! Perfect! Well you see how simple to do! I, in this case, I'll accompany it with some zucchini and carrot spaghetti

Veganízate!! A Veganized version of the traditional pesto sauce that is spectacularly good! Below, in the description of the video, the ingredients of the recipe and the links to my social networks, including my blog wwwveganamentees Thanks for passing them through my kitchen !! If you liked the recipe, leave me a like, Subscribe if you have not done it and share with everyone See you in the next recipe Bye!!

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