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😻 RAVIOLIS de Calabacín 😺 | Recetas Veganas | Veganamente



Hi, I'm Raquel and today in Vegan I'm going to make some zucchini ravioli This recipe is very simple, to make it alone we are going to need zucchini, Herb COTTAGE CHEESE, I will leave here the link for you to see how it is done, olive oil and salt

The first thing we will do is, once we have the COTTAGE CHEESE prepared, prepare the zucchini slices We remove what is left over and with a mandolin, if you have it, or with a sharp knife, you get finite sheets You see as thin as possible you can! I've already cut the zucchini into slices, but I have been a little long and I like them more chiquititas, so I'm going to cut a bit and we are still with the recipe Well, as you can see there is not much mystery, we put the zucchini strips in a cross Where they are crossed we put the cottage cheese

And now we close We already have one done We take first the one that is below the whole We put to heat a pan with a little oil It is about taking a little color on each side, that they brown a little

Now we put a little salt on top, salt fat or flake or salt maldon and we already have it This is the result VEGANÍZATE!! Let's see how it has been !! Let's see how it has been! You see, the filling and the contrast with the toasted, lightly toasted, zucchini and everything, tastes great! Another recipe very simple and resultona, with zucchini and tofu ricotta as protagonists All the ingredients of these recipes will be found below, in the description of the video, I will also leave the link to see the recipe of tofu curd, so you can see how it is done and the links to my social networks, including my blog wwwveganamente

es And nothing more, thanks for visiting me !! if you liked it, leave me a like, subscribe, share with everyone and see you in the next recipe Bye!!

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