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🥐 Easy Croissant Recipe with Puff Pastry 🥐 | Malayalam Vlog Channel | with Eng Subtitles



Hello Namasthe everyone! Welcome to another vlog of mine This time I thought of making a small cooking vlog in between travel vlogs Today we are going to prepare Croissants Croissant is a popular pastry widely available here Let's now see how can we prepare them

The main ingredients for Croissants are pastry sheets and an egg You might be familiar with this pastry sheet We made a video on making egg puffs using pastry sheets easily If you haven't watched it yet, please do watch it I have included the link in the description box Almost an hour before preparing the croissants, I have taken out the pastry sheets from the refrigerator and placed outside One needs to be careful with these pastry sheets as they can tear apart We are about to roll these sheets in order to prevent these sheets from sticking to the board I am sprinkling some all purpose flour Wheat flour can also be used instead so that it does not stick to the board So I have now used a chapathi roller to roll these pastry sheets Next step is to cut these sheets out into triangluar sheets We can use a pizza cutter wheel, but I am using an ordinary knife since i do not have it So let's cut it into triangle shaped sheets So, now I have taken the first triangular sheet To its center, I am spreading some Nutella around On top, we shall also add some crushed almonds Let's now fold these sheets We fold it from the longest side as seen Nutella and crushed almonds are optional I have used these since I like chocolate croissants If one likes strawberry jam, it can also be used as a filling instead If normal croissant is preferred then all that is required is pastry sheets and egg fillings are optional We are done rolling all the sheets The next step is to beat an egg Then brush over the folded croissant dough This is to make sure that the croissant gets the brown texture as well as crispy Now bake it at 180° for 25 minutes Check it out every 10 minutes to make sure that it isn't burnt Now the croissants are ready All that is required are pastry sheets and egg fillings are optional As you have seen it, its that easy to make croissants The time required is only for baking rest of the process could be completed in 5 minutes Hope everyone liked this video Please hit the like button if you like it Also, if you find it useful, please do share it with your friends and family members and consider subscribing my channel too Take care bye bye!

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New Cookery Recipes
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