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– Hello, friends! Welcome back to my channel, yes here, Large Family Table I am going to do five nights of sheet pan dinners

I'm going to of course make this easy on myself, 'cause that's what I like to do, I like to make things as easy as possible on myself Tonight, we are going to do roasted chicken legs and red potatoes, and then I will also have some fresh broccoli and carrots for the kids Hopefully we have some ranch left because you know, ranch makes all things good Yeah, so we're gonna do chicken legs and those potatoes now Amelia is cleaning out one side of the sink to wash the red potatoes, and if I turn my camera right, yes, Travis and I just did a little Mom and Dad date out

We rented a stump grinder for the weekend and we got other little household organizing stuff, and paints and flowers for my flower boxes All of that is gonna be another video, all you get in this one is all the sheet pan dinners, okay, okay Friday night here, let's get cooking So Miss Amelia has conquered the dish pile and she is scrubbing those red potatoes Woo, woo, woo, woo, good job! Then we're gonna slice 'em and roll 'em in some olive oil, mm

I got out four packs of chicken legs, we may not use all those, you know, I do lots and I figure, oh gee, if I make too much, it'll be lunch tomorrow There's always lots of internet controversy on whether you wash chicken or not You can google it and find 10 different answers I do not naturally wash my meat, but again, Google will tell you 10 different things Okay, don't touch this, Daniel, 'cause they're not cooked, okay? – Okay

– [Amelia] Uh huh – What happens if you eat them? – [Jamerrill] You have to cook 'em and then you can eat 'em Looks like I'm gonna be able to use 24 chicken legs, 'cause I'm gonna do roasted potatoes down the other side That is two packs, my other packs, I will put back in the refrigerator We'll probably just use those tomorrow or the next day

Okay, so now I'm just doing some salt and pepper on these chicken legs, and then we will get the potatoes on there So these are super simple – I can do that Can I– – Mommy's gonna, yeah Mommy's doing this one 'cause it's the raw meat So now, I've got this big bowl of red potatoes

I'm gonna slice these up, then we'll drizzle 'em in some olive oil, nothing fancy So since we have been out all day, doing all the things, this is a quick dinner Now I've preheated my oven to 450, and I plan to put the chicken and the potatoes in there for about 40 to 45 minutes We want the chicken to reach an internal temperature of 165, and these potatoes will bake along with it (upbeat music) So, what we have here is, let me check my chicken weight, yeah, so I used two packs that were right about four pounds each of the drumsticks

Remember that's the bone in weight though, so it's gonna weigh a little more, it's not eight pounds of meat, total And then I used a five pound bag of red potatoes We're gonna pour a little bit of olive oil in these potatoes now I got 'em in the bowl, see, in the bowl, yes We're gonna pour some olive oil in there, mix 'em around, put some salt and pepper on them, add them to these sheets, get 'em in the oven And then while this is cooking for, I'll check it in 40 minutes, I'm gonna run around like a chicken with my head cut off, do a bunch of other stuff, ready, set, go

(upbeat music) So here we go, here are our two sheet pans, full of the drumsticks, some salt and pepper, some red potatoes tossed in a little bit of olive oil Going in the oven now, ready set go And of course, my sheet pan dinner, that is going on the bottom rack, will have to get moved to the top, and will get another 10 minutes or so, maybe even 15, when it's all said and done But yeah, there we go (upbeat Music) So this is Daniel's plate

Now, he said he didn't want potatoes, so he got a drumstick and some carrots, and of course he can have another, I'll give him, just have all her wants, so yeah Here is Zion's plate, so this is what teenager sheet pan dinner looks like, and that other pan is now ready Okay, this is like hot and sweaty I got the paint on me to prove what I've been doing Momma has been a paintin'

But I really need a shower, I'm gonna scratch my head, but before I go get my shower, I wanted to get this next sheet pan dinner in the oven So we are doing a garlic steak and veggie sheet pan I have snow snap peas and I have asparagus, garlic, steak, gonna chop a few green onions, we're gonna pull this together using some garlic powder, salt and pepper tonight But I'm ready, ready for a shower and bed And for this sheet pan dinner, I have used four, eight ounce packs of the sugar snow snap peas, I got four green onions here, I also used a pound, or I'm using a pound of asparagus, and about a fourth of a cup of olive oil to roll it all around in, and then I'm getting it on the dinner

This is eye of round cut, I gave no thought to what steak cuts I chose, when I chose eye of round, it's just what Aldi had, so that's how that decision went down Okay, so kids are playing, getting loud in here What I've done is, I'll show ya, I've got all the vegetable here, tossed with the olive oil I also added in about three tablespoons of minced garlic Then in here I have some more olive oil, and about two more tablespoons of minced garlic and then some garlic powder

And I'm gonna just roll the steaks in this real quick too (gentle music) Even though I'm tired Momma, here is dinner getting ready to go in the oven So here's how both the sheet pans look when they come out, and now I am fixing plates, 'cause it's like 8:30, and we're, Travis and I are gonna eat sitting in bed, we're eating all around Okay, here's Zion's plate, he's been working hard outside today, so he's real hungry Hello, we are back for night three of our easy sheet pan dinners, and let me tell you, today we have been out celebrating Gabriel, he's now double digits

And we are getting ready to do two different ice cream cakes, some fun goodies like that So we're doing a reverse dinner We're gonna do those ice cream cakes while dinner cooks So I'm getting pork and cauliflower with petit potatoes These potatoes are so cute, look, they're just, that's what they are, they're petit

Sheet pan dinner's in the oven now (gentle music) Okay guys, here we go, with these pork and petit potato, cauliflower sheet pan dinners, yee-haw! We got a little bit of pork left, probably 'cause I have, my second pan is smaller But I'm gonna get these in the oven and then we're having ice cream birthday cake, yay! So I just started making plates, here's one of the kiddo's plates We have green birthday plates, but this is the pork and then the petit potatoes, and roasted cauliflower dinner So, happy night four of my five, easy sheet pan dinners

Tonight I have some bratwurst, and a whole mountain of broccoli, and a bag of mini sweet peppers, and we're gonna see what we're pulling together on this evening These are the bratwurst I got from Aldi, big pile of broccoli and these mini peppers So, let's have at it (gentle music) Kids are back from dance, and let's see, what'd you get? Oh, to celebrate, yes that's perfect They got these little clippers, and you got your Oscar for the year, woo hoo! Exciting stuff

(gentle music) Here is the beautiful bowl of vegetables, that we're gonna get on this sheet pan You know me, I live on the edge, I've got two ginormous sheet pan dinners here, balanced on my kitchen stools But here they are I think we have enough broccoli, and we've got our roasted peppers, and a purple onion, and I used the oregano leaves and the paprika, and some garlic powder, salt and pepper, and yeah, I almost sung that So we're gonna get it in the oven now

(gentle music) Dinner is going well, I still have two more plates to serve out, but we've got all the brats off of here, a little bit of veggies left This is Gabriel's plate, I'm still waiting to hear from him whether he wants ketchup or mustard, and then I've also been adding a little pat of butter to the roasted veggies, because we love butter on our broccoli But again, here's how everything has turned out so far! And I have already had a request for seconds, so we'll start on this second pan now Okay, friends, night five of our easy and healthy sheet pan dinners My phone's a dinging

Any who, what's going on tonight? Okay, so the meat that I have left, I had two packs of those chicken legs that I got for 99 cents a pound at Aldi So we have a total of eight pounds, but that's the bone in weight And then I have four of these one pound bags of Brussels sprouts, we're doing four pounds of Brussels sprouts, eight pounds of chicken legs I had a few lemons, and I have about half a bag of green onions left So I think what I'm going to do, is get out my lemon pepper seasoning, we're gonna do lemon pepper chicken legs with roasted Brussels sprouts, and it will be fantastic

(laid back music) I coulda made that a little easier on myself, I'll tell you my thoughts as I'm doing this I could have just put a little avocado oil in a bowl, put my lemon pepper seasoning in with it, and rolled each chicken leg But I'm too far done now, that's it, been working on the chicken coop and the chicken yard all afternoon This is what you get, woo, Benjamin's talking, and it will still be wonderful (laid back music) Bunch of kids just finished dinner and ran back out to jump on the trampoline, before it becomes too dark

Rest of us are melting down, Benjamin's about to turn into a pumpkin So, thank you so much for hanging out with us over these five nights of these easy and simple sheet pan dinners All of the recipes will be down in description below I will chat with you in those comments Right here is a quick playlist of some of my favorite large family recipes and I'll see you next time, with another brand new video, goodnight

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