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#1 கட்லா மீன் குழம்பு – Fish gravy recipe – Easy cooking



[Music] hello I'm Kishore during this lockdown days a lot of people are suffering to cook and all so in this video i have to explain how to cook easily so my first dish is fish gravy In tamil, we call it as katla meen kolambu

What are the ingredients is required ? take 1kg of fish and clean it properly take 1 hand of tamarind put it on 400 ml water and tamarind water is more required , it will give more taste to a fish gravy 1 tsp of fenugreek (venthayam), 1 tsp of cumin (siragam), 1 tsp of mustard (kadugu), 3 chopped tomatoes, 2 chopped onions First you need to take a pan Keep it there For fish gravy, you need to use gingelly oil Why because it will give more taste to fish gravy First add 50ml of oil Just wait for 2 – 3 mins So add some curry leaf Be careful while putting on pan Now you need to add mustard,fenugreek, cumin Once it is cooked well na, you need to add chopped onions add chopped onions in that you need to add some salt little bit why because it will be cooked very fastly if you added na, otherwise i will take some more time to cook so ignore this camera shots and all my cameraman tried something #LOL now add chopped tomato also Now we need to add masala items so turmeric powder 1 spoon and Mirchi powder 1 spoon and coriander powder 2 to 3 spoons if you are using any fish gravy masala you can use it if you are not using put somewhat more mirchy powder and coriander powder little bit that's it now add salt whatever is required so keep on frying so once it is cooked over now you need to add in water in to the gravy [Music] [Music] so after 10 minutes a gravy is ready now you need to add on fish [Music] once you added fish na, mix it properly [Music] so if you check after 20 minutes na your gravy is completed [Music] so fish gravy is ready once you try na, comment it if you like it, share it and subscribe it on easy cooking channel [Music]

Source: Youtube

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New Cookery Recipes
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