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#1 Vegan Recipe & Vegan Appetizer Recipe: Thai Lettuce Wrap



hi I'm Betsy Opyt registered dietitian and welcome back to my kitchen! I hope you're enjoying all of these recipes segments I'm trying to handpick some of my favorite recipes

Today we're doing absolutely one of my favorite appetizers it's a little more of a complex recipe with a few more ingredients but it's an all-natural delicious tasting Thai lettuce wrap Now this actually has two versions I'm doing the vegetarian raw version but you can do this as a cooked version using a ground turkey or a ground chicken and you would just saute in this skillet and then use the same sauce and the same vegetables But today I'm doing a vegan one which is actually using walnuts and you can obviously swap out the honey for our agave to make it a completely vegan recipe but I always try to say good plant forward and do as much plant-based recipes or meatless Monday type of concepts as you can so you can build your immune system and start getting healthier! So you want to learn how to make this delicious Thai lettuce wrap let's get cooking! Tthanks for watching and I hope you enjoyed learning how to make this Thai lettuce wrap recipe it's delicious and worth every step so be sure to try it at home stay tuned as I have some more great recipes coming that are nutritious and delicious! Have a healthy day!

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New Cookery Recipes
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