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Subscribe to my channel SR Kitchen and don't forget to hit the bell icon السلام عليكم Friends How are you guys? Welcome to my youtube channel Today we are making delicious 10 minute Chocolate Pastry Recipe Without Baking and Flavor It is made very tasty in less time Not so many ingredients are used in it Its very Yummy Come on Lets make it Lets go ﷽ 10 minute chocolate pastry recipe The things we require are Cookies or Biscuits Without Flavor Sugar free We will break and grind it 50 g Butter 1/3 cup semi sweet chocolates 1 cup whipping cream Milk as required Friends watch my recipe till the end so that you get to know how to use these Lets go we will add melted butter And milk along as per required dont make it so thin It is perfect now We needed this kind of thing We will place it in pan and will press like this you can use this as well Add three table spoon milk in this chocolate We will mix like this Friends we have cut the dark and milky chocolate here and we will melt it and will apply dark layer over our pastry Friends our 10 minute chocolate recipe is ready ما شاء الله It look so beautiful If you like the video then subscribe my youtube channel Share it with your friends and family members Take care of everyone and yourself Keep me in your prayers Meet you in the next video for then اللہ حافظ

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