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1936 North Dakota Apple Cake Recipe || Glen & Friends Cooking



welcome friends welcome back to Sunday morning in another edition of our old cookbook show and today we're going to do something out of the Walsh County cookbook from the Walsh County Record in Grafton North Dakota now this was originally printed in 1936 it's a community cookbook these are recipes that were submitted by residents to the newspaper between 1933 and 1934 printed in this book in 1936 and then this is a reprint of the original book celebrating the 100th anniversary of Grafton North Dakota and this would have been put out in 1982 I believe so piles of really good recipes in this book and we're gonna start it today making this apple cake it's got an interesting mix of ingredients and I'm really looking forward to tasting this so I'm gonna start out it says to use lard or butter I've got a pile of pure lard hanging around but I think butter will work really well in this recipe so I'm gonna put this in and get it creaming while the butter screaming we'll do our dry ingredients so I have flour here and to that I'm going to add baking soda cinnamon nutmeg actually that was cloves the next thing is nutmeg I'm gonna grate in some nutmeg okay the butter looks pretty good so I'm gonna put the sugar in and cream those together and we'll mix the spices into the flour so Grafton North Dakota about two hours south of the Canadian border pretty much due south from Winnipeg for those who are interested in if that helps and I find this book to be very interesting because when we started this project we got a lot of comments from people saying why are there dates in every one of your recipes that we were doing recipes from towns around the Toronto area from the same time period mid to late 30s and pretty much all of the cakes had dates in them and we got a lot of comments a lot of Americans said why are there always dates and Canadian recipes there shouldn't be you know during the Depression nobody could afford dates there wouldn't be dates there wouldn't be dates Americans don't cook with dates and I just took that as oh okay maybe that's just one cultural difference between the two countries we use dates and Americans didn't then I got this book and I thank my cousin in Arkansas for sending this to me thanks Brett out of two hundred and maybe ten recipes in this book a full 25 of them are recipes that have dates in them or featured dates so I don't know if that's because North Dakota is touching Canada it's Canada adjacent and we spilled over or if in rural communities dates were well-known and during this time period dates could have been much cheaper than they are today so I have no clue what that all means but they were definitely cooking with dates in North Dakota in the 1930s okay next in are a couple of eggs so just like every recipe from this time period very few directions it pretty much only tells me to bake it in a loaf pan so I'm kind of playing this by ear of how to mix this together there is half a cup of strong coffee so I figure I have to put in the flour a little bit of flour a little bit of coffee a little bit flour it mix those back and forth to get a really good batter so I'm going to spoon in a little bit of flour and then as soon as that's mixed in dribble in a little bit of coffee and then come back with a little bit more flour okay all mixed together so I'm going to pull this out and we've got three more things to put in I chopped nuts I'm using walnuts I think they would be period-correct for this geographic location I think walnuts so and fold the walnuts in says chopped raisins but I guess this is where you would put in the chopped dates if you had them and if there's anyone in Grafton North Dakota who knows why they used so many dates in Grafton at this time period maybe somebody from the newspaper or the Historical Society please let me know very interested to find out last ian is a chopped apple okay so into a loaf pan and into a moderate oven for an hour oh it is a cake some raisin some is our there's raisins and there's pecans or walnuts it's got all the right flavors for a nice cake super moist isn't it mm-hmm and you didn't even notice that there's a half a cup of coffee in it what yeah so the copy the coffee just enhances all the other flavors you don't taste the coffee at all um it's just they're lifting everything else so this is super super moisture it is true sometimes you can hide the coffee hmm that's lovely mm-hmm well you know what it needs a cup of tea of course would be great um and I wasn't sure it says you could put in dates ah of course it does but um but I wasn't sure if you would need to take the raisins out to put the dates in but I think you could just put some dates in I think you could just probably put half a cup or a cup of chopped Gates's yeah dried dates don't turn to add a lot of moisture to okay kind of like raisins they have flavor and texture but not necessarily um moisture that is an absolute winner whew you could enter it in the fall fair I could enter it in the forbidden I would have to I would have to give Helen major full credit for the recipe yes this is a winner all right thanks Helen thanks for stopping by see you again soon you

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