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2 Ingredient Chocolate Pastry | Easy Chocolate Roll Recipe In Urdu/Hindi With English Subtitles | UF



Bismillah, Assalamualaikum And welcome to my Channel Today we are going to make 'Chocolate Rolls'

To make the Chocolate Rolls, we need only 2 ingredients The first ingredient we need is Chocolate [100g] And we need Puff Pastry [320g] We will cut the Chocolate into small pieces Try to make sure the Chocolate has good quality

Because the better the Chocolate, the better the taste Now, we will make the Puff Pastry flat After taking the Puff Pastry out of the fridge, we will let its temperate come to 'room temperature' And after that, we will gently make it flat with the use of our hands We are not going to press it down harshly Now we will cut the Puff Pastry

You can cut it in any shape you like I have cut it into 4 strips We will take a baking tray And after rolling the rolls, we will put them in this baking tray We will take 1 piece of the Puff Pastry

We will put some Chocolate in there And we will gently roll it After rolling it like this, we will put it in the tray We will make the next one like the first Put the Chocolate in And gently roll it The last piece, will be cut in half

And I'm going to show you, if you want to make small rolls how they will look Like this, we will put the Chocolate in them and roll it And from both sides, We will press it down I will show you whilst making my other roll We will also make the other roll like that

We will gently roll it and close it from both sides And we will put it in the Baking Tray We will also close the ends of the ones we made before If you want, you can grease the Baking Tray with butter or oil So it doesn't stick to the tray

We will heat the oven to 220 Degrees Celcius/Gas Mark 7 And now we will put our Chocolate Rolls in the oven Look how beautifully our Chocolate Rolls are rising Their colour has changed amazingly Our Chocolate Rolls are ready

Now we will garnish them You can garnish them however you like For that, we will need Chocolate We will take boiling water and a shatterproof dish We will melt the Chocolate in their and use it for garnishing

Look, this is its final look They look so beautiful I have sprinkled White Chocolate on them Hopefully you liked today's recipe Please like and share my videos

Don't forget to subscribe to my Channel Remember me in your prayers Allahafiz!

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