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2-Ingredient Onion Flax Bread [gluten free + vegan]



hi hope you like my recipe my two ingredient onion and flax bread it was originally going to be flax crackers but I just decided in testing to make it thin enough to be really crispy crunchy crackers that write perfectly when you snap them you need to do it so thin and you seem so much work to do and the oven and just to get a small amount of thin flax crackers so decided do a bit thicker to make it a more malleable flax seed cracker flax seeds and lindsey's are exactly the same thing they're just called different names for some unknown reason and you can either get flax seed or linseed same thing let's see there gold or brown I'm using the golden stuff here this just because it's what's available the brown stuff works just as well if you'd rather and also you can use chia seeds if you like instead all these flax seeds linseed cheer seeds they will work well for this because they gel up as the onion gets blended and releases its juices it mixes with the flax seeds to make really thick paste that's perfect this but it does mean that when you're blending as soon as the juices start to reach you need to carry on blending in one go because if just a bit of the juice comes out from the onion and you stop it'll just make all the flax seeds or chia seeds set really firm would be difficult to blend if you do have any problems blending I recommend just add a table spoon or two of water just help it to its job don't worry if you get any whole flax seeds left in this you do on a grind all the seeds the goodness can be digested by the body and also the onions help to sprout it and soak it and germinate it but the odd bit of flaxseed here and there that passed through you actually does some good in your digestive tract apparently I was using red onions here because as hoping that red onions will seem like they've got a bit more to them and I was hoping that I'd get a bit of a red color and the end result is you can see I've just got a few tiny specks of bread so it's not you don't have to use red onions you can use white ones if you Do think of this as a base recipe to just however you like I'm just keeping it simple with two ingredients but add any flourishes or tastes or ingredients that you like to it I'd quite like to make it with some beetroot you've really bright color and a bit of cumin because I think that worked really well or some sun-dried tomatoes and some basil just add whatever you got in the kitchen whatever is available but if you do adapt it do let me know in the comments below or on the site what your added to it and how it turned out there's no oil in this recipe instead of any oil I'm just using a piece of grease proof paper to bake it on and it comes away really easily after you baked obviously it's as there's no word or fats or anything with as fats from the seeds but there's no added oil so it's not the requites crumbly as crispy as other crackers it's a bit tougher but it's still great and it's much better for you there's no added oil if you wanted to make it totally war follow this recipe but add just a few tablespoons of apple cider vinegar to make the onions not so um sharp and taste and then um dehydrate it overnight and that works really well if you've got a dehydrator it's a great thing to have in the kitchen I don't use mine that much maybe once or twice a week but for things like crackers you want to make raw crackers it's really worthwhile having a dehydrator as the final word is malleable and a bit still wet in the middle I do recommend to keep it in an air tight container and fridge and have it within three days or so if you make it worn it's totally dry it'll last for much longer than this but if it's still a bit wet and Widow you don't have it within three days if you enjoyed this recipe please give me a thumbs up and like and subscribe for more like this and if you've got any ideas for any more recipes or anything please do let me know in the comments below

Source: Youtube

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