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Hello, welcome to Sorted We are a group of friends from London, who are looking for unusual things for food that will actually do a difference in your life – or you can make yourself a good laugh

Two of us are cooks Do not worry, the rest of us are normal And all we do starts with a suggestion we receive from you Hi every one I'm Barry and it's Mike

And today we compare three bread recipes In front of us we have three different breads Each takes different time to bake Each requires a different effort And each has its own special qualities

We will eat all three and compare them But first we will show you, how to make this flatbread I know what you think What? Smart shirt Thank you You're not bad either

Thanks Yes, we are making flatbread They are the lightest bread you can imagine We need– – self-raising flour, –baking soda, – and yogurt natural And to give our flatbread flavor we need to use – some chopped almonds, – some pistachio nuts – dried coconut, – some super delicious spices – and a little bit of butter And to mix it together will We use a small chopper

Step 1 is terribly simple Take these three ingredients, pour them into a bowl, and mix them together Mix them well Mix them a lot Do not forget a generous crispy salt because we did

Yes When it starts to hang together, sprinkle flour on your surface Sprinkle, sprinkle, sprinkle Put it on here and mix it together You do not even eat it

It is a dough that should not be kneaded Just mix it together so it hangs together And then your dough is done It just goes into a bowl while we make our fill I'm just trying to figure out how to use it again

That's how it's on It is a hob So, for our spice mix, we decided to peek it up a bit You know we took the liberty to be a little smart We took bukkehørn, carnivorous, coriander seeds, mustard seeds, and nigellafrø – also known as black onion seeds

Did you get them all? Yes I did It is impressive I know With our nuts well and thoroughly shaken, shall we now chop them? Barry, you could of course do it manually if you wanted to But it would take a lot longer and you will certainly could not chop them so nicely

It smells so good Mmm Take your big bowl of dough, share it for approx 6 pieces Then take each part and form a flat disk about the same size as your hand When you have the size, you must take a spicy spice mixture and put it in the middle, and make one– – spherical bag

A purse At this time, yes, it does not look good It does not matter because we have to roll them out, and it will be melted together in the bread And as if all this was not easy enough, We do not even need an oven, Barry Taylor Oh God, could it be easier? Well, we heat a pan as we want to throw our flatbread in a couple minutes on each side to heat and bake it

Oh Uh It looks good and smells nice, but I think You should come here, Jamie Together we will show him how to make gluten-free bread To make our gluten-free bread, we must remove gluten, but we will improve it in many other ways

Yes So you have to use; plain gluten-free flour, –sugar, –salt, – xantham rubber dried yeast And moist city, like milk, –butter, –æggehvider, and cider vinegar And to make life easier we use one kitchen machine with a K whip There is no additional bonus to guess the next step We put it all in here and mix it together

Dry things first, and then the damp matters And as always, the yeast must be kept separate from the salt in the first place because they do not really like each other Now, as it turns around, we put all the wet city in I know what you think Butter, milk, cider vinegar, in a loaf of bread? Are you crazy? As we said, the dough is very widespread

So it's almost like a brioche We add things What to remember is if you baking a gluten-free bread, you can not just take a bread recipe and replace the plain flour with gluten-free flour You have to think about what is happening Therefore egg whites should also be included in

So gluten is the protein in our flour If you take it out, pour something else in So this is where the egg white proteins come in Butter and milk helps to enrich it all and give it an amazing form that you will not will have But we will in some way scratch it out and like throwing it in our baking form, as before is lubricated with butter

So at this time we can leave our dough raise again to make sure it is not jammed Because even though it does not get twice as big, then it will become a big bowl We will cover it with household movies And with some oil on one side of the film, then it will not stick I mean, I'd like to brush a little and just watch it

No, Ben, you must be here Get your hands in work It is absolutely perfect And then just cover it up easily– leave it in a warm place, then the kitchen is just fine – for approx 30 to 40 minutes until it really has risen completely

Bake at 190 degrees for approx 15 minutes until golden Look here Results It looks very nice, but look at this

I did not ask you to come over here But together we will make– This is the traditional white bread James and I will tackle the classic white bread Super simple, but it should raise twice I actually think this is the lightest recipe of the three because we just need to use four ingredients, highly white flour, –yeast, –salt, – and water

And to make it very smooth and save our arms, Should we use a kitchen machine with a dough hook The yeast is something that does not like salt, so we must keep them separated in the bowl And then the yeast will react with the natural sugar in the flour, the water, the heat of the room, and we will give it some time And it ends up becoming a bloated bowl I'm so lazy

I always use the kitchen machine It's just super easy If you make bread this weekend, four ingredients, all in, leave it for 10, 15 minutes And that's it Sprinkle with some flour so you can work with it, and see how soft and slippery it is

Cover the dough with a clean kitchen towel and leave it a warm place until it's twice as big The next step is our second swelling So that's super easy You can now touch it without sticking your hands But you can shape it You do not have to worry about the air in it

Therefore, it will rise again And basically, what I do is just make a bowl And then we have created This lovely, smooth bowl Lying down on the head And what you see here is that there are no renderings at all So raise number two is about the same time, half an hour, 45 minutes in a warm room

But instead of a kitchen towel this time, because it should raise, we use oiled piece of film so it is not stuck To raise bread, it always depends on the temperature in the room So if it's a little warmer, it takes a bit less time If it's a little cooler, it can take up to an hour or so, or more It just has to be twice as big

And about half an hour before you're ready to bake, Heat the oven so you do not wait Fine and tall it is 220 degrees Then our second lift is complete What is best about baking bread? In fact, it is enough to eat it But– Remove it

Therefore you have oiled the film And then we basically have to brush a piece of baking paper with quite a lot of flour Go to James, do your deed A quick flip and you will get the nice ring marks Then it moves quickly with a sharp knife, or if you have one, a scalpel

And as soon as you've scored it, get into your hot oven And when it has been there for about 10 or 15 minutes, turn the oven down to 190 for the rest of the cooking time Take a flatbread Let's taste

Uha, uh What I have is still hot Take it off, it may be faster But the slightly burned side you get from the forehead is better than the one you get from the oven, it's a completely different dimension And the taste you get from the crust is amazing It is not burnt, it is toasted and there is a huge difference

You perceive flatbread as being quite gentle and boring, but when you pack them With so much spice they will be beautiful Try this one, it is very different Gluten and bread I think are synonyms Take 50 percent what are you getting? This It looks more like a cake

It is that kind of density So it's just strange If you had not said that it was gluten free– It's really smelly Yes, we made it smelly I would usually say that gluten-free bread is not quite overbearing, That's the way it is

Fills a part in the mouth Looks like cake, in texture It's a little sweet, it's a bit oily, and have that kind of humidity, it really, need Come on, James, share your bread He has probably the most impressive crust

Oh Real bread So of the three, this is for me, it looks most inviting It looks the most traditional, but a little rough, comfortable, homemade It has the crisp crust but is also super soft in the middle

It has everything a bread must have So let's try them all, because they serve very different purposes But you know, I would be happy just to eat it with butter and sit there with a whole bread and enjoy it Remember to make one, which is your favorite? I see what's getting out of it and thinking, you have to bake them I would say if I cook and I want something accessories, I'll do that

I have Saturday for myself Never But I do It's the bread It's my bread

A little more time, for sure But not too cumbersome Safe I would bake it every time That's clearly my favorite bread

And that is what we have No kneading, no elevation, no oven This is our gluten-free bread if that's what you're looking for And here is the classic, simple, the coarse, the delicious white bread We have many opinions about these three breads

But I also realize that is likely to be more than three loaves in the world, and we may have missed your favorite Then comment below and tell us what bread we are going to have have on our plate Do not forget if you liked our video so click on our video Yes, and continue to suggest which other three things we should make Otherwise, you can subscribe, Make sure you are updated and see you every Wednesday and sunday, always

Forever Just to clarify do not suggest three things, Suggest one thing that we can do three times Does it make sense? Well I like to be ready As we mentioned before, we are a group of friends who run Sorted

So if you like what we do there, then there are lots of ways you can support us and stay more involved All you need is the link below Thanks and see you in a few days Buckhorn Nigellafrø carnations Oh What is it? There are coriander seeds Coriander seeds, I knew it

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