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3 Chocolate Mousse Recipes COMPARED. Which is best?! | 5 min vs Classic vs Chef's Gourmet



We are Sorted, a group of mates from London, exploring the newest and best in the world of food, whilst trying to have a few laughs along the way We've got chefs, we've got normals and a whole world of stuff for you to explore, but everything we do starts with you

– Hello, I'm Jamie, this is Ben, and this is Fridge Cam – And today, we're going to make chocolate mousse, until it's coming out of our ears Or antlers – In front of us we have three delicious chocolate mousses Each one of them increases in effort, but does it increase in taste? – Ooh, I like that

– What I don't like is the way you pluralized mousse – Isn't it meese? – It will do! – It's meese – We're gonna show you how to make each and every one of them, we're gonna compare them at the end, but first, Barry, which one did you make? – Instant chocolate mousse And yes, this really is instant chocolate mousse All you need, five ingredients, five minutes, and you've got chocolate mousse you can instantly stick in your mouth

And this is all I'm gonna need! Some dark chocolate, some maple syrup, vanilla extract, double cream, and two biscuits from your nan's cookie jar And all three of the mousses are using this First up, melt some dark chocolate, ask a friend to microwave it for you (bell dings) While that's microwaving, gimme some double cream, and you're gonna whip this to soft peaks You're looking for Mr

Whippy peaks Chocolate only needs about 30 seconds, and then you just let it cook in the residual heat, and give it a stir so it all melts This is all about timing You can't add the chocolate if it's too hot, so let it cool down slightly, then add to your mixer, and then finish after Take a break from your whisking and add these two in, maple syrup, some very good looking vanilla extract

Add your chocolate, while we're whisking Wow! I think it's key to point out that your chocolate is quite hot, and your cream is quite cold, so when the two go together, they're going to thick up almost instantly, so keep whisking until it all comes together, it's all one consistent color Then you wanna get that into a piping bag, so you can make it look all elegant Pick the fanciest glass you can find, and then it's all about confidence Yeah, that's all right, happy with that

And then just garnish with some shortbread (all oohing) Instant, you see! – Are we claiming five minutes is instant, now? It's just, I think, Trading Standards would probably have something to say about that That looks great, Baz, but why don't we go down the more traditional route, something after my own heart Sure, you can make a version of a chocolate mousse in just five minutes, but wouldn't you like to go for the real thing? Something slightly more traditional? Well this is my classic chocolate mousse And I'm gonna be using double cream, vanilla extract, and sugar, dark chocolate, some eggs, but only the white bits, and a scatter of shortbread biscuits for fun

And to make my mousse all airy, I'll be using this hand mixer First up, I need to heat up my double cream to a simmer in this pan right here Once it's simmering, I'll add in some sugar and some vanilla extract, and in the mean time, I'm gonna chop up some chocolate Having added in the vanilla and the sugar, take the pan off the heat, then add in the chocolate Leave it for a couple of minutes, for the chocolate to melt a little bit, give it a big stir up, transfer it into a bowl and leave it for a couple of hours in the fridge to set up

Now, whether you choose to believe that we actually waited for two hours, or had one that we made earlier, it doesn't matter This is what it would look like, nice and set up, after a couple of hours in the fridge Next up, the only real effort required in this recipe is to whisk up two egg whites and then whisk up my cream, so it gets all nice and airy At first it might feel a bit too stiff to whip, but once you get into it, it's great And it's definitely why having a machine makes it easier

Both bowls whipped up, the last thing to do is to carefully fold the egg whites into the chocolate mixture until it's all nicely combined And then spoon it into, well the fanciest little glasses that you've got And when you serve it, make it as fancy looking as you like, maybe, I dunno, scatter some crumbled shortbread biscuits over the top of the mousse, and of a board, because, it's what people do now, isn't it? (all oohing) – See, I like that you've gone from fancy glass to fancy little glass jar I've just put it on a plate The internet loves a mirror glaze, and so do we

So why don't we do a mirror glazed, coated chocolate mousse dome We're gonna need dark chocolate, double cream, and gelatin, and then for the glaze itself, condensed milk, vanilla, cocoa powder, more chocolate, more gelatin, and we're also gonna garnish with shortbread And again, a mixer for the mousse, plus a wand to create a smooth, bubble-free glaze For the chocolate mousse dome, two different quantities of double cream, you can get the weights and measures down below The large amount, we're gonna heat up in a saucepan until it is just simmering

The small amount we're gonna whip up to soft peaks in a bowl We're also gonna take about a teaspoon of powdered gelatin and just bloom it, with a splash of water Bloom it Technical term, make it wet You can also just quickly chop up some chocolate while you're waiting

Like with all three of these chocolate mousse, we're not adding extra flavours, we're not adding any boozy flavours, or any orange, or any mint, this is just classic chocolate, so make sure the chocolate you use is dark chocolate, and is a good quality At the point where your cream is just about coming to the boil, you're gonna add in your bloomed gelatin, give it a stir, so that all of that dissolves, and then pour it over your chopped chocolate Give it a moment or so to melt the chocolate, and then stir it until you have one beautiful glossy chocolate mix And then let it come to room temperature before folding in your whipped cream And this is where chocolate mousse starts to get fancy, we're now gonna place that chocolate and whipped cream mixture into silicon molds

These are domes, hemispheres, on a tray, and then we can freeze them up This mixture makes about 12 For our mirror glaze, two things need to happen: the sugar, the condensed milk, and 200 mL of water go into a pan, and come up to a boil We're also going to take the 10 grams of gelatin, and bloom that in a bit of water Unless you're using quality dark chocolate chips, then you'll want to cut your chocolate squares into slightly smaller chunks just like you did before

With the sugar mix bubbling, we're now going to add in vanilla, cocoa powder, and your bloomed gelatin Give it a good mix, and then you're gonna pour that over your chopped chocolate, which we put into the beaker of the Triblade Because when it's in there, give it 30 seconds or so, and then we're gonna blend it up until it is super smooth And the reason for that is it makes it really smooth, gets rid of any lumps of gelatin or cocoa powder, but by doing it in the beaker with the wand attachment, it doesn't aerate it too much At this point, pass it through a sieve into a bowl and then you want to let it cool to about 32 degrees Celsius

You want it at a temperature where it's just gonna set the moment it goes over those frozen mousse domes After about four hours, your chocolate mousse are completely frozen; you can peal them off, place them on top of a wire rack, over a tray And this is the bit that's good fun Once your mixture is at 32 degrees, you want to spoon it over your frozen mousse, and they should just run and just set, pretty much at the same time Into the fridge to set up again, and then we're gonna serve it on top of a bed of crushed shortbread biscuits

(all oohing) – Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah – Double layer – We can talk about them as much as we want – We can ooh or aah, but let's just eat them – [Ben] Should we start with this one? And we don't even have to portion these, we've got one each, but I'd say pace yourself

– No, I can't eat all of these – Ooh, that disappears That just disappears – Does it? It's everywhere – That can't contain any calories whatsoever, because you put it in your mouth and it just goes

– Mostly air – It's full of air, yeah I've got to say again, five minutes, five ingredients – Five minutes Not quite instant, but five minutes

– Five ingredients, and elegant I think it just looks the part, and it tastes incredible I'm not sure how classic a chocolate mousse it is It's a really light, airy, whipped chocolate cream But my goodness, is it good

– And now, right front this looks like a commitment – Why? – It looks dense – But if you cut into it, I think you should get what I associate more as a chocolate mousse, and that kind of bubbly-ness throughout – Cheers – Cheers

– Cheers – Ooh! – Ooh Isn't that just pure indulgence? – I would say, if you're going to make this, find the smallest jam jar or kilner jar as you can It's super rich, but wow is that good – I've committed to my chocolate mousse, I'm in there, and I'm loving it

– Whereas your one is light and airy and full of bubbles, this is thick and rich and massively indulgent Well, I'm full, so, – Let's go home – Let's just decide between these two – This one, if we've got it right, should still be chilled in the middle, but it should no longer be frozen We'll see, Unlike the first two, gelatin set

Cheers – Toughest job in the world, this Oh wow That's not a chocolate mousse, that's like a chocolate velvet It's so creamy

It doesn't feel airy, you feel like a constant ongoing slab of silky chocolate – You're not wrong, in the sense that I think a classic chocolate mousse, like yours, has the egg white folded into it And even though that is a very thick one, compared to that light one, at least it has the egg in it Where neither of these two have the egg This is more of a gelatin-set chocolate mousse

Now, I'm in a slight conundrum here 'Cause I actually think the only mousse on the table, technically, is that one And yet, if you think about chocolate mousse as a light, airy, chocolate, indulgent, rich thing, then I absolutely love the simplicity of that five ingredient – If you're looking to really impress someone, or a number of people, – And I think it's got to be a number of people, because it's almost impossible to make that for one or two – So go for the chef-y one, with the mirror glaze, 'cause people will think, "wow

" – Stick a bit of booze in that one, then it's proper grown up – The only problem with this one is if you make it ahead of time, how do you stop yourself from going in and having a little nibble? – There is always that The question is, would you go martini glass, jam jar, or on a plate? You decide by commenting down below, and tell us what you think – Right, well I think the biggest question from that was, mousse, meese, or mousses; what's the plural? – Mousse-I – Comment down below and let us know! – What is the plural of chocolate mousse? And then join us every Wednesday, every Sunday, for more of this gold

Bye bye! – [Jamie] Mousse-y – [Narrator] As we mentioned, we don't just make top-quality YouTube videos, we've built a Sorted club where we use the best things we've learned to create stuff that's hopefully interesting and useful to other food lovers Check it out if you're interested, thank you for watching, and we'll see you in a few days (beep) – Mousses, or meeses? What's the plural of mousse? – [Man] Mice! – Mi– no

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