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3 Chutneys for Navratri Vrat – व्रत वाली 3 चटनियां – Phalahari chutney recipe – Navratri Recipes



Subscribe to my Channel and Press the Bell Icon for all the latest updates Namaste! Welcome to Cooking With Shalini Wish you all a very happy Navratri Many people keep this fast Today we will make 3 types of Chutneys which are taken during Fast INGREDIENTS MENTIONED ABOVE Lets start with Tamarind Chutney frirst We will take Tamarind Pulp Soaked Tamarind Overnight and stained shift it in a pan Switch on the flame add half Kg Jaggery crush jaggery well in a cloth add add it in pan mix it and wait until it boils we will start our 2nd chutneyand wait until tamarind chutney boils To make Green Coriander Chutney add coriander leaves in a jar add 4 Green Chilies Now half spoon of add Rock Salt add 4 spoons of curd add 1/3rd Spoon Cumin Powder add more than 1/3rd spoon of Mango Powder Grind it well Coriander chutney is ready now Remember, if your curd taste sour than don't add Mango Powder This Coriander Chutney is ready to eatdo make it you will love it Now we will Make Peanut Chutney Before we start making Peanut chutney we will see our Tamarind chutneyyou can see after so many boilsconsistency is not so thick so we will keep it for few more minutes on high flame for Peanut chutney we will add half cup of peanuts in jar add some coriander leaves

but first wash them and then add in mixer add 1/3rd spoon of Rock Salt add 1/3rd spoon cumin powder side by side check your Tamarind chutney too low the flame add 1 green chili and grind it as peanuts are dryso we will add 2 spoons of water in it Grind itand if you feel like adding more water than you can add 2 -3 spoons of more water Peanut Chutney is Ready now I added 2 more spoons of water into it In total i added 4 spoons of water Peanut cutney is ready to serve you can see change in consistency of tamarind chutney not so thick and not so thin switch off the flame all the 3 Chutney are ready Tamarind, Coriander and Peanut Chutney all these are made in Navratri Fast you can eat with any fasting snacks Do try this with my recipe and if you like then do share, like and subscribe to mychannel Thank You

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