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Hello, welcome to Sorted We are a couple of friends from London who are looking for Extraordinary things within food in the world that can help do ours and your life a little better, while we chop a little to each other with small allusions

You must know we have two cooks, but we let them be on for a limited time And we make sure that all our ideas start after we have received a suggestion from you Hi, I'm Barry and it's Jamie And today, if you like dumplings, then this video is something for you Here we have three types of dumplings

They all have different severity, and also different purposes We will taste them to compare them But before we do, we will show you exactly, how to make them Should we start? Let's get started Come over here These are our fast shrimp potstickers

If you have never made potstickers before I have not even heard of them then this is a great place to start Because these are just so easy and so fast, that we can not go wrong in the city, you have said So here's what we need for the filling Ginger, raw prawns egg white, slightly bright soy sauce oyster sauce, sesame oil light brown sugar and some coriander And to pack the stuff into, will we use dumpling wrappers, some water to close them and some oil to fry them in, a little sweet chilli sauce to dip them in

And because we need all the help we can get, we use this guy here Listen, Baz, can you peel and chop some ginger roughly while you Adds all the other ingredients in here That's all you need to do the cooking here, really Yes, except you prepare them In fact, they make up, yes, apart from that detail

What are you waiting for? Mix it until it becomes a coarse pasta Okay, so now we have to get started with the cases So, here's the plan Barry puts a teaspoon of our stuff in each dump and put a finger with water on the outside of each edge, fold them together and close the edges Then I will use a fork around and press outer sides together

It is worth pointing out, it's not the traditional way to make pot sticks, but this is our super fast way, and it is still amazing OK, to make these, set the heat to medium to high You can add a little peanut oil to the pan And then add these to the forehead Let them sew a little till they are brown on one side

When they are brown, add the water and put the lid on, and they are cooked with the steam That's pretty much all We can make potstickers Ah Come on, yes

Done Immediately It looks good I do not do this so often Do you not? You do not compromise? That's because we do not want you to make two of them These are our vegan mushroom baked dumplings

And Barry will show me how to make them What? Yes, you did so well in the last video Of course For the sauce, we need dark soy sauce, little lime juice, little sake, sesame oil I knew you would not understand it there

(FAIL) Hold mouth And then to the filling, we have mushrooms A We have some shiitake mushrooms and mushrooms B Some shimeji mushrooms You can not even pronounce it I'm not even sure about this one

I'm not even sure Some spring onions, ginger, garlic, mirin, corn flour, soy sauce, peanut oil, peanuts and dumpling wrappers And of course It's too small for the hob We start making the sauce You lemon half past

Well And I want to add this Quiet now Take it easy Cool Be cool You can add your soy sauce, your sake, and your sesame oil here Also And then what? A little lemon juice Oh yes

Make it bake and let it bubble away In about five minutes Next step is our fungus Barry, how do we make our fungus? Well, James, you're gonna break and finally Cut your garlic and ginger into cubes Then we have to chop our mushrooms Do you know what, Barry? I do not really like chopping dice, so I put it in a mini chopper, as we said

He did not let me finish We are going to pick up nice dice in a mini chopper That easy, right? Now we must chop all our mushrooms and add them to a pan with a little peanut oil and fry them When they are well brown we will add our garlic, ginger and spring onions When it's all softened, we add corn flour and let it boil

Then add your mirin and your soy at the same time Meanwhile, I shake some groundnuts in peanut oil We are going to add our peanuts now food processor and mix to crumbs And most crumbs must be back on the forehead, but save some for decoration We do not have to clean it now because everything is in it Nevertheless So we add only a quarter of our mushroom mix and blend to a mash, and so fold it through the rest of our fungi

Does it need anything, cook? It's so easy I will say, therefore, I want to say one's mule more salt, but we have no salt What about soy? We have soy exactly So little more soy, thanks, cook Spray aside

It's good, mate That is really good Okay, let's pack them up Moisten dumpling wrappers a bit around the edges, just to make sure they keep together There may not even be a need for it

And then we have to add the filling and just close it around so the top is open And it is important to mention that these are vegans You can get wonton wrappers, like may contain eggs, but these are gyoza wrappers, and they are only flour and water They should cook in the oven at 200 degrees for about five minutes until the dough is crisp and golden Ah

Ah Quite special Quite special, until you come over here, james, and we have to make the traditional pork dumplings with chilli oil I have an upgrade from Barry in the kitchen with me now So we're going to make the dough, we are going to make the fill and we will make the sauce

And we use it here For dumplings bags, we need eggs, spicy flour, and water To fill this time we use pork, ginger, and lots of aromas, as well as a napa cabbage Our homemade chili sauce uses chilli flakes, star anise, leaf leaves and of course oil And what about a lineup? Firstly, a really smooth, silky dough

Plain flour, 1 and 1/2 egg, save some egg whites until later, salt and water measured with a bowl Enjoy it all And when it's all together, but still not soft and slippery let's be for about 10 minutes so gluten evolve before we give it a good deal of kneading To fill, I'll spend a quarter napa cabbage and cut it into slices food processor And then I'll turn it over and tear a little ginger in

Then everything else goes in the pork chop brown sugar, oyster sauce, sesame and soya And do you remember egg whites we saved aside? It is also added The whole mixture comes in a container, and the sticky meat, gradually becomes just good and easy The filling is done, we can give the dough a good deal of kneading for several minutes now, until it is soft and elastic And meanwhile we can also make chili oil We are now pouring the oil into a saucepan and heat it up to 190 degrees, and then pour it over chili chili pepper, star anise and bay leaves in a big cabbage

And once once our oil has cooled, will We add sesame oil to give more flavor The aromas are incredible It tastes a bit like roasted chilli just with a touch of leaf and star anise I love it I'll taste it a little bit

Look at this At this time, the softest dough, and leave it for about half an hour before you start rolling it out There is no yeast in this, so we will not let it go It only rests for half an hour so gluten evolves further Now that the dough has rested, rolls We put it into a very thin piece of cloth to pack our dumplings in

You can do this by hand, on a table with plenty of corn flour, or a pasta machine will do the super thin and consistent Oh, we still have four more, and it is becoming unimaginable Did you arrange the button? No, I arranged the cut Your job is the button Check I have been told by reliable sources that this should be as thin as possible

You must be able to see through it I can see my hand through it Such Well, that's another exciting video When it is rolled thin, cut it squares

A teaspoonful of filling is put in the center of each square, moisten the edges with water and pick them up as well a coin purse Once you've got the feeling and found the beat, is it actually like therapy And you have made your own dough, you have made your own fill, so you can do as well dozens of these And they freeze really good on baking sheets with baking paper in the freezer individually When frozen, put them in food bags, and you can steam them right from the freezer

These, however, come right in the damper like they is for about six to eight minutes Ah OK, that's enough with that aha Can we eat them? Yes please I will try it without sauce to start with

Bowl Yes, bowl Bowl Mm, bowl Mm

Oh I love that they are only brown on one side, two different textures I like the consistency Just like the dough is a bit cool, and the taste of prawns and very much ginger Vegan

Vegan Yes, vegan Mushrooms and baking Though, though We're going to bowl for it, Ben! [LAUGHTER] You are bad at this

You can not wait, right? You are so greedy I can not wait It's so good Bowl Well, you can hear it crashing when we eat it The different textures of the sponge looks like meat in comparison

It is one of the most fungal-like cases I have ever tasted, in a very good way, if it is to be said clearly We should have made more than four And finally the pork chop with homemade chilli oil Be here I'm so excited about this one

I like to dip these Bowl An oil dip Bowl Oh man It has a fragrant heat, not just the taste of chili

The star angel is amazing But then it fills in the whole mouth, and you get a nice warm feeling everywhere The pork filling is amazing, well spiced, soft I love it I'm amazed that you made those bags so well

Man, it's very impressive Thanks, buddy Yes What I love about these three, and in fact, tends to happen to everything we do Doing in this series is that you can mix and match And so if you want to go all the way and do Your own bags, but you prefer the shrimp stuff, then you completely flip

I do not think you'll miss something by using factory bags because it makes 99% of the population like making dumplings And the factory-made bag is amazing And the only difference I can see is not necessarily quality, but the satisfaction of knowing that I have made it myself I enjoy quite a lot I think you just summed up what cooking is about

It's a great way to summarize why cooking is better than buying ready meals How do you think it went? Do you like our dumplings? If yes, please click like this video I've always liked your dumplings Do not say that Click on this video

Sign up Make sure you click the button to get a message every time we upload a video every Wednesday and every Sunday 4 o'clock See you then Goodbye Goodbye

As we mentioned, Sorted is driven by a group of friends So if you like what we're doing then there's lots of ways you can support and follow us All you need to know can be found in the link below To begin with, we make the sauce You cut the lemon Oh It did not go! So turn off

Let's give it five times more And we turn off

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