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3 EASY VEGAN PASTA RECIPES | Vegan Carbonara | VEGAN Alfredo | Spinach & Sausage Gnocchi | Edgy Veg


[UltraVid id=167 ]all you need to do plug it we need to do to do it what do we need today on the edgy veg I am going to show you how to make not one not two but three easy vegan pasta dishes that you can make in under 15 minutes you’re welcome subscriber of the week this week is Brooklyn’s bear thank you for leaving an awesome comment every week and next time I will make salute a real longer if you want to be subscriber of the week make sure that I see you make sure that you follow it on all our social media in the description box below and leave me a comment I like to leave them just not if it means also guys great news James and I wrote a cookbook it is a hundred and twelve amazing write beautiful new vegan recipes that you haven’t seen before and I know if you guys are going to love it we’ve been eating so much food like writing this book has been so much fun if you’ve been following us on Instagram you’ve actually seen when the recipes that I for doing that are in the cookbook so please go and preorder the cookbook I’m so excited to share it with you the link is in the description box below alright let’s hop right into it the first pot so that we are going to make is a vegan carbonara traditionally with parmesan and bacon but this one has none of those things because it’s vegan for our bacon we are going to make an easy Mushroom bacon I had some oyster mushroom laying around so I’m just going to use though bed talk 1 tablespoon of tamari and 2 tablespoons of olive oil along with a little bit tougher into a bowl and add 1 cup of mushroom toss them in the marinade and let them sit for about 10 minutes or I’m showing my nephew a while its marinating I’m just going to bring a large stock pot of water to a boil self it and that’s how we’re going to cook our new though well the pot is boiling in the mushrooms are marinating I’m going to make the sauce so sit it like parmesan and butter we’re going to make 8 tofu and cashew sauce for that I’m going to use why not cut the tofu 2 tablespoons nutritional you have a cup of cashews 3 cloves of garlic you can miss Summerfield doesn’t really matter it’s all going into a blender one tsp vegetable oil and three-quarter cup soy milk you would also use almond milk or rice milk longus is non-dairy I don’t care I just love cooking with soy milk I like the flavor a lot more and this is high in protein haha we have to blend that until it’s smooth and NIR thoughts of lemon we’re going to cook the mushrooms up really quite to heat a skillet over medium-high heat and toss the mushrooms and the marinade right into the skillet critical step for about four minutes on side or until the mushrooms are brown and kind of look at these pieces of basil my toes are cooked up sets into the sides using the same pan because I hate doing dishes through some onions in there and saute those for about three minutes or until the translucent now I’m going to add the sauce throws the spaghetti noodles in there add the mushrooms mix it all together and that’s how easy it is to make easy being carbonara – over – is one of my favorite it is a sun-dried tomato fettuccine alfredo note I love fettuccine alfredo but I love sun-dried tomatoes I thought I just mash them together and make this a nice pinky color delicious cream you gotta step when bring more water to a boil has result and throw in your fettuccine I’m using a brown rice pasta so freebooting free and it takes four seven minutes now let’s make the sauce the cream sauce is super easy we’re going to heat up some olive oil onto each you lit the row sums are lay on there and a small onion and let that cook for about 3 minutes until translucent and we’re going to transfer them to a blender to the blender we’re also going to add half a cup of raw soaked cashews one and a half cups of soy milk I’m also going to add a quarter cup of nutritional yeast 1 tablespoon of lemon juice and and this is completely optional it’s up to you a quarter cup of vegan Parmesan cheese I love this brand it is f English is so good and smell specialist parmesan I’ll leave a link to it in the description box hope you’ll buy it and have a teaspoon of sea salt and you guessed it blend it there’s no whiskey in this recipe because I’m making the blender do it for me once your fuss is all dente brighten it and then use the same pot again don’t like dishes and just look for the sauce in there eat it up pick us off I’m going to add some chopped delicious sun-dried tomatoes mix that together pop the noodles in there it will not be easy delicious syndrome a toast fettuccine alfredo cut that number three or tray or die if you’re from Germany if you’re from the German need pop the number three is that in one pot so you only have one pot to clean once once it is a delicious spinach and sausage gnocchi in a very large skillet heat up some oil toss them my name is the garlic in there and potato then I’m going to crumble some vegan sausages in there I like to use just like the thick more steak and base ostriches because they crumbled really really easily as opposed to the questions that are more hotdogs legs and about four of them is a pound for the few want and just cut them in half or just use your hands here break up each individual’s off into foreign to the skillet and then saute that for a couple of minutes and then we’re going to add a quarter cup of vegetables off in one can of diced tomatoes then mix that all together and then we’re going to add a package of store-bought gnocchi now read your ingredients a lot of them are accidentally eaten we’re going to cover that and cook that for about five minutes once that’s cooked for about five minutes we are just going to sprinkle the three cups of spinach on there a little bit of pepper mix it all together and then covered again for another five minutes or until the spinach is wilted and then we’re going to add some more in farm again this is completely optional you can also use patricia lead for this just talk that all together and oh my god [Music] three pasta dishes for little meeting which one retrievers put in them in order I don’t think I could fit that much in my mouth you know what with pasta I just go for my life Oh the addition of the Mushroom bacon it’s like salty and oily it really custard like the creaminess of the thought home good pasta number two I’m dry tomato kind of right god datings army so good guys look at that dude welcome can’t have me felt like it so bad so my face is look I know you’re going to choose which one you’re going to make for dinner sighs they’re all so delicious honestly if I could just need pasta all day every day for every nail should be a very happy person actually you know what I kind of already do that fine not worried about my weight I like I’m getting married or anything and have to fit into a dress oh my god this is heavenly they like tomato no it’s a little bit of a spiciness of the obedient Italian sausage and then the freshness of the spinach is like that’s perfect this is the perfect site this is the perfect combination of my brain I never liked no dishes would live and there you guys have it three easy delicious vegan pasta recipes that you can make in just about 15 minutes I hope that you like these recipes I hope you make them and then tag me on my Instagram also if you guys want to know what we’ve been up to with dogs and what we’ve been up to with the wedding Merc Merc sure make sure you follow us on Instagram it’s like our own little way of plugging so like if you all affair you’re always in the know thank you as always to our patreon supporters who support us teach it every month if you’re interested in supporting us there’s a link in description box below if you don’t want to that school just give this video a thumbs up instead if you have any requests for summer recipes coming up for spring recipes or just something you want to see make sure you leave me a comment in the comment section below all right guys I hope you liked the video and I will you next week [Music]

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