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3 Easy Vegan Salad Recipes | Vegan Macaroni Salad, Potato Salad & Watermelon Feta Salad



– I find that when I go to a barbecue and friends know I'm coming, they really just pick up some veggie burgers for me, and I can't really have any of the sides, unless it's like a sad green salad with like some shredded carrot Then always some ranch dressing, which I can't have

So then it's like a dry, sad salad (upbeat music) It's summer and very hot, especially when you can't turn on the air conditioning during a shoot day and you have lights going You guys asked for barbecue sides We're doing barbecue sides today So barbecues are fun

They're a thing that we do in the summer There's a lot of meat involved and a lot of mayonnaise and eggs and salads So you guys have been messaging me asking for some side options Today I'm gonna show you how to make a macaroni salad I'm going to show you how to make a delicious Greek-style, what is that fruit called? Watermelon

A delicious watermelon salad And then also a classic potato salad Hey, guys I'm Candice, the Edgy Veg If you are new here, now you know who I am

You can hit that Subscribe button and bell notification because I make new videos twice a week every single week at 4:00 pm So I wanted to give you guys some options and show you meat-eating friends out there, or dairy, or egg-eating friends, that with a couple simple substitutions, you can make the thing taste just as good, but your vegan friends can have it too And stay tuned to the end of the video, where I taste test all of these delicious things for you The first recipe out of the three sides that we're going to do is a macaroni salad

I wanted to take the elements of a traditional American macaroni salad and just add a nice vegan twist to it Now a couple things can't be identically replicated, so I just got creative with it We obviously have some cooked macaroni We have celery We have red pepper

We have mayo, olives We have some cubed tofu Now the cubed tofu is making up for the lack of egg and the lack of cheese cubes We have some vegan cheddar shreds We have red onion, peas, some dill, parsley, and Dijon sauce and some stuff for the sauces

I need a spoon I don't have one I will go over here to fetch it All right, to make our dressing, I'm gonna start with some vegan mayo This is just normal Hellmann's vegan mayo

You can use whatever your favorite vegan mayonnaise is And it's very, very similar to normal mayo I am going to add some apple cider vinegar, Dijon mustard, fresh dill We have parsley And we're going to give that a whisk

Ooh, aah This is really, really tasty if you make it the night before because all of the flavors marinate I would say the same thing with the potato salad that we're going to make as well Now I'm adding one tablespoon of soy milk And you want this dressing to be a little bit watery because as it sits in the noodles, it will thicken up

The great thing about making salads, and I almost never say that about a salad, is that it's easy You can just throw things in So we're gonna throw in our macaroni That was less graceful than I had hoped And now we're just going to throw in all of our accoutrements

So we've got some olives We've got some red pepper Got ourselves some tofu Got some celery Our vegan cheddar shreds, red onion, and peas

All right Now just mix everything together Make sure everything's covered in dressing Where is the dressing? Oh, there you are You're down there

Then at this point, you can salt and pepper it to taste Everyone has a different sensitivity to salt and pepper, so I don't really put the amounts in the recipes, 'cause it's really up to you And that, my friends, is a delicious, loaded macaroni salad (upbeat music) The second of our sides is a delicious watermelon salad My mom actually calls it that, but with a T, a salat, 'cause it's German and she is German, like super German, like she has a super German accent, and she says, "Would you like some salat?" This is like a Greek salad inspiration

That's not an English sentence Inspired by a Greek salad But instead of tomato, it's using watermelon So we have our watermelon We have mint 'cause mint pairs very nicely with watermelon

We have dressing with some olive oil and some lime juice Of course, we need some onions in a salad Get that nice bite Some feta This is vegan feta

It's actually by Sheese It's Greek style Give me a word, any word, and I will show you how the roots of that word is Greek I'm really bad at accents Then some avocado for some nice creaminess

This one has a very fun variety of textures And then, for our cucumbers, I thought it would be fun, instead of just slicing cucumbers or dicing them, if I spiralized them All right, to make the dressing, we'll do that first, we're going to add the juice of one lime And that's it No, I'm just kidding

Olive oil This is a wonderful Greek olive oil No, I'm pretty sure it's Italian Yeah, it's Italian olive oil Now I'm going to add some mint

This mint smells so good It's so fresh and light It's everything I want it to be I'm going to go from smallest vegetable to largest vegetable for no reason other than I just feel like it So I'm going to add the onions

All right Now cucumber ribbons And if you find that they are a bit too long, you can just do a little bit of this Boingy, boingy, it's a slinky! ♪ Everyone loves a slinky ♪ Okay I make fun of people a lot that spiralize zucchini all the goddamn time, but it is really pretty

I'll give them that We are adding, ooh, our watermelon It's really juicy This is a super juicy watermelon Gorgeous, darling, it's simply gorgeous

My next video is just me pinching off ribbons of cucumber Welcome to my cucumber ASMR I'll add a bit more watermelon It's about three cups Shantay, you stay

Has anyone else recently discovered "RuPaul's Drag Race" and as obsessed with it as I am? Or am I just the oldest person and the last human being on the planet to find out about the show? We're going to add a creamy avocado to the mix And then gently fold that together because you don't want the avocado to get too bruised And then we are going to sprinkle in our vegan, Greek-style, or feta style, cheese It's so pretty and fresh and delicious Look at it

Look at it (funky music) We are here at the third and final barbecue side, and guess what? It's another salad I usually don't do a lot of salads on my channel But these are like fun salads Again, just like the macaroni salad, I tried to be as traditional to the American potato salad as I could

I couldn't really think of a good egg replacer to use instead of the egg that you guys would have access to, so I skipped that step altogether But, for our potato salad, we need potat's, poteters Poteter Then we have some onions, celery, of course, green onion, parsley, vegan mayo, which is the star of the show in this episode We have dill pickles

We have more extra pickles in pickle juice Apple cider vinegar and mustard Like every other salad that we've made today, we're going to start with the dressing The base of all of our salads, more or less, well, two out of three, that's not bad, is vegan mayonnaise We are going to add our vinegar

I'm using Dijon You can use Dijon, brown, yellow if you want Yellow mustard is I think more traditionally used, but I just like Dijon, so that's what I'm using 'cause I like it And you're going to whisk that together Now you want it to be a little bit runny because just like macaroni salad, it will thicken up as the sauce absorbs into the potatoes

Now I also like to add a little bit of pickle juice Start with like a tablespoon Then you can add as much as you need to get that nice runny dressing I do like a thinner dressing for these types of salads If you like a thicker dressing, just add more mayo

So that's that It's lovely I am going to add the onion I'm going to add the celery I like to add extra pickles sometimes too

You could add as many pickles as you want Pickles are great Some green onion I'm saving some for a garnish And then the poteters

And then gently, so that you don't bruise the potatoes and turn them into potato mash It's just fun to say Poteter – [Producer] I couldn't tell – Poteter

That's our potato salad Se finite (funky music) That is how you make a potato salad, a macaroni salad, and a cucumber and cauli, no Why can't I remember what a watermelon's called today? And a watermelon salad I'm going to go from my left to right and taste test them

All right, I want the perfect bite here with this watermelon salad I want like a little bit of everything I need a piece of, come here Ah Mmm

This salad is so good It's light It's super fresh It has a rich creaminess from the avocado Then you get that herby flavor from the mint

It's just like the most well-balanced salad Mmm I could eat all of it But I have two other bowls to eat, so I won't All right, let's go into the macaroni salad

Mmm Also so good This is exactly how I remember macaroni salad tasting It has that nice herbiness, celery flavor, and a little bit of salt, freshness from the vegetables, and it's also nice and creamy I hope you guys love that I talk with my mouth full

You guys were the ones that demanded that I try every single thing on camera All right, potato salad time Mmm, that was the perfect bite Mmm Oh my god, I fucking love potato salad

Is there anything better than potatoes, mayo, and pickles? I think not These sides are so good and so easy You can whip them up in a matter of minutes Boiling aside So let me know in the comments section which one is your favorite

Also let me know if you have a request for a recipe that you would like to see veganized If you liked this video and you liked these recipes, give this video a big thumbs-up and I'll see you next time Bye!

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