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3 EASY VEGAN SNACK RECIPES | 15 minutes or less!



Hi everyone, my name is Lauren and I am a registered dietician who specializes in plant-based nutrition I have clients ask me all the time my top vegan snack recipes and these are three of my favorite these can all be made in less than 15 minutes and can all be made ahead of time as well If you're someone who's super busy and on the go These are all really great to bring with you whether you're going to work school or any other activity that you might have That's all I really have to say Let's just go ahead and get started So the first thing we're gonna make is these oatmeal cookie energy balls? So we're just gonna blend one cup of large flake oats Until they're grinded up, but not turned into a flour yet

We're gonna pour them into a bowl with Two tablespoons of natural peanut butter about a quarter of a cup of chia seeds 2 tablespoons of maple syrup And all the recipes will be linked below by the way about a teaspoon of vanilla and some sea salt about 1/4 of cup of chocolate chips and about a quarter of a cup of melted coconut oil and We're just going to mix that together until it's all combined Then what we're gonna do is take about two tablespoons worth and Shape them into balls and we're just gonna do that for the entire batter You might need to kind of press it in between your hands before rolling it into a ball just to make sure it all keeps its shape, but it should be pretty easy and then you'll have a full plate of them like this and Then you just want to store them in the fridge I'd say for at least fifteen minutes But for as long as you want really and then we're gonna move on to the chia seed pudding So we're gonna add 2 cups of plant-based milk about a quarter of a cup of chia seeds 1 tablespoon of maple syrup And we're just going to mix that all together And now you want to make sure that the chia seeds are really well incorporated into this you don't really want to have any lumps you can even put the top on and Shake it all together as you'll see that I'm gonna do here And we'll put that in the fridge and I like to take it out after 10 minutes and just give it another shake and We want to let that set for about 8 hours The next thing we're gonna make is this sun-dried tomato hummus So first we're going to open a can of chickpeas and we're gonna drain and rinse them really really well Then we're going to add them to a high speed blender or you could also use a food processor for this We're going to add about three tablespoons of tahini About a quarter of a cup of lemon juice 1 clove of garlic salt to taste 1/4 of a cup of sun-dried tomatoes and 2 tablespoons of the oil from sun-dried tomatoes We're going to add about a quarter of a cup of water And then we're just going to blend that all up You might need to add a little bit more water to get this to blend Well But just be persistent with it and it should all come together Then we're just gonna put it into a container and this will last I would say up to five days I always eat it in a couple of days, but I would say about five days It'll last in the fridge you can serve with crackers Veggies anything you want, so that's everything Thank you so much for watching and I'll see you in the next video Bye

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