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3 Grilled Breakfast Recipes | Good to Grill


[UltraVid id=350 ]hey lovelies so as you can see I am not in my kitchen today I’m actually coming to you from these of sort of things you have to contend with when you shoot at the cottage bugs fly into your frame stubborn bugs as you can see I am NOT in my kitchen I am actually celebrating summer by coming to you from my family cottage this is by far as far as I’m concerned the happiest place on earth the deer will basically eat from your hand all month long I’m going to be bringing you episodes of a new series I’m calling good to grill which is all about unexpected ideas for the grill today I am making an entire breakfast using nothing but the BBQ how brilliant is that first up on today’s breakfast menu I am making some delicious hash brown potatoes I’m starting with some squares of heavy-duty tinfoil and in the center of each I’m combining some potatoes some chopped breakfast sausage and some finely chopped red onion if you wanted to leave the breakfast sausage out of this recipe you definitely definitely could it’s really versatile and will certainly work just as well I’m going to season these hashbrowns up with a little bit of garlic powder and some paprika some salt and some pepper and then I’m going to finish it off with a good drizzle of olive oil so that everything doesn’t stick to my tinfoil then I’m just going to fold my tin foil into this adorable little packet and then it’s time to get it to the grill next I’m going to be making an awesome egg dish that all starts with these beautiful bell peppers that I’ve just cut in half I’m going to place my bell peppers directly on the grill and then I’m going to crack an egg into each of them I’m going to season them with some salt and some pepper shut the lid of my grill and let all of this yumminess cook away while I prepare my french toast skewers how good does that sound so I’m starting with some gorgeous French crusty bread that I’ve just cut into 1-inch cubes and then I’m going to combine some eggs with a little milk and some cinnamon I’m going to whisk that all together and then I’m going to pour the egg mixture over the bread and let it sit for 10 or 15 minutes while that bread soaks up all of that cinnamon goodness and then I’m simply going to skewer it and get it on the grill these don’t take much time to cook at all maybe two or three minutes per side you’ll want to keep a good eye on them so they don’t burn I like them best served with a little maple syrup now this my friends is the breakfast of champions and the best part is there’s almost no cleanup because it was all cooked on the grill how fantastic is that I really hope you guys will give these yummy ideas to try and if you do be sure to tweet me Instagram e or snapchat me a photo because of course I love seeing your creations if you’re looking for more great grilling ideas stay tuned because I’ve new ones coming all month long and finally if you haven’t already be sure to subscribe because there is lots more deliciousness where this came from

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