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3 Healthy Grilled Chicken Recipes


[UltraVid id=128 ]hello lovelies things are heating up outside which means it is time to fire up those grills and today I am super excited to share three delicious ways to do just that I have three tasty grilled chicken recipes for you that I think you’re going to love whether you’re using a barbecue out on your patio or an indoor grill like I’m using today these taste delicious and actually come together super super simply we’ll start today with a total crowd pleaser these are my lemon and herb chicken skewers the entire team adored these they’re so simple to put together for this recipe i’ll start by preparing a simple marinade for my chicken it’s just a matter of combining some extra virgin olive oil with some freshly chopped dill and parsley to that I’m also going to add some garlic a whole lot of garlic trust me when you’re making a marinade like this you can feel free it to go for it next I am going to zest my lemon and then get all of that good juice out of em mmm I have a queen song stuck in my head I’ll link it in the description box below so you can all have it stuck in your head – you’re welcome I would sing it for you all but of course I want to spare you my voice and we don’t want a coffee right infringement on this video cuz you’ll count if I’m humming it mm-hmm finally I’ll hit it with salt and pepper and it really is this simple once I’ve got that marinade all mixed up it is time to pour it over my chicken I’ve got some boneless skinless chicken breasts I just cut it into about 1 inch cubes you don’t have to be perfect and we were just going to pour all of that marinade over our chicken breast give everything a good toss so it’s evenly coated and then I’ll pop the lid on this and get it into my refrigerator for at least an hour but overnight is actually ideal the longer these can sit and all that tastiness the more delicious your chicken skewers are going to be all right now that this chicken is well marinated we can go ahead and start making skewers now for this I’m actually using these metal skewers I love using metal skewers when I’m doing things like chicken on the grill because the metal itself heats up and helps cook the inside of the chicken while the outside is grilling so everything actually cooks much more quickly on a metal skewer word to the wise though if you are using metal skewers they are extremely sharp so just watch your fingers I’m just going to skewer on my chicken and then it is time to get these on the grill as I said I’m using an indoor grill for these today but of course if you have a barbecue available go ahead and use that it’s even better I like getting them fired up over medium heat make sure that you are flipping your skewers every few minutes so that they’re cooked evenly on all sides and while those are cooking away you can turn your attention to this simple lemon caper dip I think it isn’t perfect accompaniment to be skewers and it all starts with a base of plain yogurt in your Bowl to that I’m going to go ahead and add some tasty capers which have really delicious flavor and a lot of great salty bite I’m also going to add some fresh dill to this I’ll grate in a little bit of fresh garlic and then I’ll add the zest and juice of one lemon hit this with some salt and pepper give it a whirl and it is ready to be enjoyed by this time your skewers should look gorgeous and golden like these and be fully cooked through that means it is time to get them off the grill and let’s be honest right into your belly where they belong and of course if you want to give these a little skewer of lemon right before serving go ahead and do that next up guys I have a recipe that just screams summer it’s my peachy balsamic grilled chicken and I love it best served over a beautiful bed of lettuce with some grilled peaches on the side for this one we are starting once again by mixing up our marinade in this case it’s a matter of mixing up some peach preserves which you can always find in the jam aisle at your supermarket with a little bit of balsamic vinegar we’re going to add a splash of oil to this to help prevent everything from sticking if you’re into the heat this is a great time to add some red pepper flakes to this and then we’ll finish it off with a little bit of salt and pepper it’s really this bull but oh my gosh you won’t believe how flavorful it is those peach preserves have a gorgeous sweet flavor while that balsamic vinegar adds a nice Tang eNOS throw in those red pepper flakes for that heat and you have got a marinade that is to die for once that’s all mixed together what I like to do is just use a measuring cup to reserve a bit of the mixture I’m going to use this to sauce my chicken once it’s finished cooking the rest of this tastiness will go right over the boneless skinless chicken breast as always when it comes to marinades the longer it sits the tastier it is going to be so you’ll want to marinate this in the refrigerator for at least an hour but hey if you’ve got two three four hours that is even better when it’s time to get them to the grill you’ll want to make sure you’re cooking these low and slow the idea is that you want to make sure that your glaze doesn’t burn before your chicken is completely cooked through so I like to stay over medium heat or if you’re working on a traditional grill outdoors you can always do indirect heat so you can make sure one side is on and then cook these on the other side that’s off so you know your chicken is going to cook through before any of the sugars in that glaze have a chance to burn we’re going to keep these grilling flipping them once until they’ve reached an internal temperature of 165 degrees Fahrenheit just before we pulled them off the grill we are going to brush them with a little more of our reserved glaze that hasn’t touched any of the raw chicken and then they are ready to be enjoyed as I said I think this chicken is best served over a beautiful bed of greens and with some grilled peaches on the side and that my friends is one just peachy way to get your grill on finally guys we are whipping up some honey Dijon drumsticks that are great for the young and of course the young at heart please start once again with a really wonderful but simple marinade I’ve got a little oil in my bowl to that I’m going to add a good helping of honey and next I’m adding Dijon mustard such classic flavors so good I’ll also add a good splash of apple cider vinegar and minced garlic a little salt and pepper to round all of this out and I’ll give it a good whisk until it’s well combined then once again I’ll set aside a little bit of this marinade to use at the very end of cooking to brush on to our chicken and with the rest of my marinade I’m just going to pour it over some chicken drumsticks I’ll flip these one or two times to make sure they are evenly coated in that marinade then I’ll cover this dish get it into the refrigerator and get these chilling out for at least an hour now because of all that honey in this marinade it’s really easy to burn the outside before your chicken drums are cooked through one way to prevent this once again is to make sure you’re cooking on medium heat and flipping them regularly if you’re using an indoor grill like this you always have the option to finish them off in the oven for the last five or ten minutes of cooking what you’re looking for is an internal temperature of 165 degrees Fahrenheit on a meat thermometer that is how you know they are ready to be devoured just like with our last recipe right at the end of cooking we are going to give these another quick brush with that delicious honey mustard sauce we’ll let it cook for maybe one to two more minutes and then it will be time to enjoy it these are really easy to make guys but uber tasty I highly recommend you make a little extra because these make really tasty leftovers perfect for lunch the next day I hope you guys will give all three of these ideas a try and if you do be sure to tweet me Instagram me or snapchat me a photo because as always I love seeing your kitchen creations the full recipes for all of these delicious dishes are in the description box below so you can take a look for them there and finally if you haven’t already be sure to subscribe because there is lots more deliciousness where this came from

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