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3-Ingredient Cherry Chocolate Balls [vegan + healthy]



I hope you like my recipe for my three ingredient chocolate cherry truffles I just think this recipe works so well together as cherries are one of my favorite flavors they've got such a deep rich kind of complex flavors them a bit tart a bit sweet a bit sour and they just work so well with dark chocolate what you really want to make sure you do is choose the cherries that are kind of dried and showed up that look like raisins whether that tastes like a raisin store there may be four times the price but they've got four times if not more of the flavor so they're definitely worth buying they're often sweetened with something and you want to get ones that are sweetened with that apple juice or pineapple juice rather than refined sugar what you don't use is on those big plump white red glass cherres because they're about 50% sugar and I don't know what they do to them but they must boil it but they've got virtually no cherry flavor to them there's no point using them other than just decoration and they're certainly not part of a healthy diet to always use the shriveled up ones that look like raisins even if you're not a fan of dark chakra do still use dark chopped and this one because you're only getting a very thin coating of truffle and you want the really bitter rich cacao with lots of flavor to it and a really complex flavor that works just amazingly all of the cherries in the UK we don't really have many cherry chocolate somewhere I know Australia when the most popular band is a cherry chocolate bar although it's not particularly healthy and I think it's got lots of unhealthy ingredients to it and artificial flavors but this is great because it's just three natural ingredients all smushed together I'm using almond flour here just because it blends so well it doesn't take long to get a big firm ball of the cherry that really sticks together and releases at the oils but if you want to you can make it nut free using sunflower seeds or you can use just about any nuts or seeds that you like apart from sesame seeds I don't accept some seeds work particularly well on this recipe but yeah it's great to make not free the cherries if you see them when you buy them there they look pretty black and they're not actually black there are almost always red cherries it's just because it's such a deep red color there unless it's very unless it's blended or there's lots of light shining to it it just looks black and gray thing about this recipe is once you blend it with the almonds the white sweet Hartman's it brings out the red fibers you get this naturally beautiful pink color to it without obviously anything added to it other than just the natural cherries and their redness I'm using a bullet type device this just because they're so small and quick to clean and everyone has them and even in tiny kitchen you've got space one it does mean that sometimes you might need to scrape down the size this but it works amazingly well in this I sweet as the ground almonds already broken up quite a lot so doesn't take much to blend them til they form together to be a really it's not um powdery or flaky this ball it's a really durable that sticks together quite well I probably do blend mine a bit too much I start to blend it into a blend starts of dance around on the right okay it's it's labeling a bit I need to turn this off but don't do what I do although I have been abusing my blender for years and five years it's still going strong but it's probably not a good idea blending it to the stage where you can start here and work too smells to make this totally rule you can make yourself a wall chokolate coating instead so what your mix is 1/3 raw cacao butter 1/3 with cacao power and then 1/3 of natural sweetener like maple syrup which I know technically isn't war but it's generally allowed when war food arcs at high of vitamins and minerals and it's not refined and just melt the cacao butter mix it all together then use it like melted chocolate also for this recipe you'll notice that I'm melting three courses of my dark chocolate over a bain-marie then I'm adding the final quarter disruptor and stirring in and then using it this is just an easy way for tempering just the chocolate has to like snap and the glossy finish to it otherwise it can be a bit of work with a sugar thermometer using it to check the temperatures get the right temperature and then use it just doing this is just an easy way for tempering because no one's got any time for sugar thermometers anything like that if you notice lots of cheap chocolates are using palm oil nowadays and that's because um palm oil you don't require the expensive tempering that cacao butter does so always choose a high quality chocolate this that it doesn't have any palm oil added to or any buttermilk oil especially your vegan because I'm I've noticed dark chakra they've been putting in butter oil which I've never even heard of before but it's a way to pad out cheap chocolate so always use a quality chocolate I was using an 84% I think it was extra Ecuadorian hi cacao dark choc that just add had sugar and cocoa solids I think maybe some vanilla without stir stick to it all just natural ingredients if you've got any comments or questions about this recipe please do drop them down below or click through to the website and apply on the website and I will answer every single one of them and if you didn't enjoy it please do give me a thumbs up a like and share and all that nice stuff

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