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3-Ingredient Homemade Gnocchi: Watch Me Use ONLY Basic Kitchen Tools to Make It.



Hi Bold Bakers A few weeks ago we welcomed you into our kitchen on a Saturday morning where Kevin and I made pancakes

Kevin had the great idea to let’s do it again, and now we’re going to make dinner, we’re going to make potato gnocchi And the best thing about it is, there’s no special equipment, it’s only a few ingredients and it’s much simpler than you’d actually think So we’re here, we’re excited, Kevin how are you doing? I’m ready to go! Baby George is in the corner, he’s awake right now but he’s gonna go to sleep in a few minutes, yes he is! He’s ready to go So let’s talk potatoes, a few ingredients like I said, one of the main ingredients, obviously potatoes So in America where I live now, we would use a Russet, a Russet potato

In Ireland we use potatoes for mashing called Rooster potatoes In England you could use, I think, Maris Piper Whatever you use that is mash-able, that’s the potato that you want You want a floury, kind of dry, fluffy potato So anything that you use for baking would be perfect for gnocchi

So what you want to do is, let me get a little fork here What you need is 200 grams of potatoes, with the skin on like this, 200 grams So roughly that varies, but if you have 4 of these kinds of potatoes that’s 200 grams and I have all of this information on BiggerBolderBakingcom that’s where the recipe is So we’re just gonna prick it with a fork

So guys you may notice we have a new camera here It’s the behind the scenes camera What’s that catching? Well, behind the scenes! A little bit of everything So prick the potatoes with a fork, I’m gonna put over a little bit of olive oil That’s good

So potato gnocchi, if you do have a weighing scale for your potatoes, it’ll give you a more precise measurement So sprinkle over a little bit of salt So here’s what we’re doing, well you might see out there that there’s a few different ways to do your potatoes You can boil them, you can steam them or you can bake them Now let me tell you the advantages of all of these

Baking is the preferred version because you dry them out You put salt on them which draws out even more moisture which in turn makes lovely and fluffy gnocchi If you steam them or boil them, yes you can do that it’s actually faster, but the thing about it is you have all that moisture coming from the water So for best results bake them in the oven, and if you can’t do that, like steam them But this is what you want Kevin, like I said a little bit of salt to draw out the moisture to get those nice and crisp

So we’re going to bake our potatoes off at 425°F or 210°C for roughly an hour or until a fork comes out nice and clean with no resistance So these are our baked potatoes, I had them in the oven at 425° F for around an hour or so What you want to make sure is, Kevin check this out, that they’re nice and fluffy and soft in the middle So now what you want to do is, this is really important, check that out Those are hot, Gem, that’s a hot potato

You need to kind of rice these, mash these, when they are still hot So I’m just gonna move this over here So here’s my secret weapon, usually when you make gnocchi you need a potato ricer and those aren’t easily found in domestic kitchens like mine so what I do have is a sieve and I know many of you out there do as well These are really almost as good as a potato ricer and it still makes you lovely soft fluffy gnocchi So here’s what I’m going to do, I’m going to get a nice clean tea towel, like this, and we’re going to scoop out our hot potato, in there

My gosh I love baked potatoes, Kevin let’s have baked potatoes for dinner Smells delicious What would you have on your baked potato Well in Ireland we used to just have, sorry in my house we used to just have Kerrygold salt and pepper, that’s what I would have that’s my favorite I know that since I moved to America, sour cream, cheese, cheese is also good on them we would have cheese in Ireland

But we wouldn’t have sour cream on our potatoes Just going to put a little bit of potatoes in here and then we’re going to see the magic happen So here we have a spoon Kevin, and we’re just going to pass our hot potato through the sieve with our spoon Look at that Gem, it’s like magic! So just so you know if you tried to do this with cold potatoes or even cooled down potatoes, it wouldn’t work And I know that because we tried it

There we go, look at that Looking really good, gorgeous, almost clean This is what you’re going for, look at that Kevin, get in there, nice light, fluffy, airy potatoes That’s what a ricer does and the sieve will give you the same effect Lovely, I’m thrilled with that, we’re going to continue with our other potatoes

As I go along here I’m going to be telling you tips and tricks, but on BiggerBolderBakingcom I have loads more tips also for how to make gnocchi and some problem solving when it comes to gnocchi like gnocchi can get overcooked, it can fall apart a little bit I have all of that information in the recipe What you want to do is spread it out a little bit, you don’t want it all clumping on top of itself And waffles just got a piece of potato on the floor

Good job buddy! Ok Kevin look at that, that’s a lot of potato for 4 potatoes isn’t it? That’s the great thing about these recipes is that they yield a lot Ok lovely So our potatoes are looking good, I have an egg here And we are going to beat that up a little bit A little tip, use a room temperature egg because the potatoes are still gonna be warm if not hot so you want a room temperature egg so it’s not too cold

And just in case you don’t eat egg, egg for gnocchi is a binding agent which does hold it together better If you leave it out, which you can do, it might not be, the structure might be a little bit softer So I would say, if you can, use an egg for sure So they’re not too hot now Kevin, I’m going to just pour this over Okie dokie

And then we are just going to follow that with our flour So this Is all purpose flour And I’m going to scatter the majority of it over Let me just get some salt while we’re talking So all purpose flour, you can use double zero flour that’s used for making pasta, you can also use a gluten free flour

If you’re gluten free that’s great you can just use an all purpose gluten free flour So here I have a dough cutter, or a bench scraper more commonly known, and here’s what we’re gonna do Move the dough around and fold it on top of itself Now just like I tell you with pastries and different types of baking, we don’t want to overwork the flour here, it’s the same thing, we don’t want to overwork the gluten So we just want to fold this together until our dough forms

But just kind of gently bring it together, fold it over So now here’s the thing For this amount of potato I used a cup of flour But everyone’s potatoes are different, you might not need all the flour, you might need a little bit more My dough is a little bit sticky so I’m going to add a little bit more onto the surface and continue to like, knead it in there

I think George is getting excited Georgie’s getting excited for his first pasta here Georgie is a few months away from eating some sort of solid foo which is really exciting We’re definitely going to introduce him to as much flavors and varieties as we possibly can So there you go just bring it together like that

So I’m really happy with this, it’s not sticky, it’s not too dry Now this is where we shape it So I have a few options here You can put flour on your board, that’s totally fine it’s just that it does add extra flour to your gnocchi Makes it a little bit starchier even stodgier

So what I like to do is a little bit of white rice flour and what this does is actually dries out your gnocchi and takes some of the moisture out of it So if you have rice flour then feel free to roll and cut your gnocchi on that, if you don’t, then absolutely use plain all purpose white flour So here’s what we’re going to do Kevin, I have my tray here to put my finished gnocchi on I have my dough cutter, we’re going to cut off, can you see that? Look at that nice dough Beautiful

So here’s what we’re gonna do, cut off a little piece for yourself, roll it, and then cut it around maybe 3/4’s an inch, to an inch thick There you go this is our gnocchi, now let me show you how you get, Kevin, you know those lovely ridges and the shape of the gnocchi the classic way So we’re gonna grab our gnocchi, a little bit of rice flour there, I’m gonna put some on my fork, put flour on your fork Get a little piece of gnocchi, go like this, push it down your fork, and there you go Gem that’s magic! Now look at this, you don’t have to take so long to do it, look at this gorgeous

So as you can see Kevin, you see what I’m doing here, press my finger in the middle of the gnocchi So as you see, when you turn it over it’s kind of folded, It’s so rewarding to make something like this from scratch I absolutely adore it So push your finger down in the middle, and roll it over And then you just keep on going with the rest of your gnocchi

All you’re doing is pretty much rolling the dumpling over your fork So like I said, place them on your tray but don’t stack them on top of eachother because I did that the other day and they stuck together and it was a big mess So learn from my mistakes Gorgeous It’s actually pretty fast to do this

Gem I think, that’s a lot of gnocchi coming together Yeah but Kevin we eat a lot of food, yeah fair enough So there you go, it’s actually really fast to make homemade gnocchi So here’s what I’m going to do, I’m not going to cook them off right away I’m actually going to put them in the fridge, let them get nice and cold for around half an hour, actually what I also love to do in this stage is put them in the freezer at this stage, on a tray just like this, then when they’re frozen put them in a tub and then you have homemade gnocchi ready to go for any dinner It’s just really really nice to have close at hand so I’m just going to pop them into the fridge

My gnocchi are lovely and chilled, I’ve got a nice big pot of boiling water here, and we’re very gently just going to scoop some of those in, don’t overcrowd your pan In you go So when it comes to cooking gnocchi what you want to do is put them into a pot of boiling water Once they float to the top, it’ll probably take around a minute, maybe a minute longer, that’s when they’re almost ready, then leave them for around 20-30 seconds, then out of the pot straight away Make sure whatever you use is nice and smooth to stir your gnocchi, I’m using a nice smooth slotted spoon

Oh look at that guy, there you go, there’s our first one it’s starting to rise! Our first one to the party It really takes no time to cook these, if you want to make them up and want to have them ready in advance, so now they’re all floating to the top I’m going to give them another few seconds here, and then right over here Kevin you see I have a pan on with a little bit of brown butter in it It smells delicious I’m going to take them straight from here, I’m going to let some of the water drain off and then I’m going straight into our pan Wow so that’s how they do it in those restaurants, that nice finish

Yeah you get a little bit of butter in there, you get it nice and nutty in the pan, you don’t burn it, you get it nice and brown And then you put in your gnocchi, we’re just going to let them fry on one side, then we’re gonna flip them over Now look Kevin what I’m gonna do here, I’m gonna put in a little pesto This is pesto I made with some spinach and walnuts Look at that Gem, that smells amazing

That’s some nice technique Well it’s not my first rodeo There we go, and they’re done! Gorgeous, look at that They look amazing, they smell amazing, Kevin come on over here and we’ll try some Gem, I’m gonna bring you a little something to go along with it all

Thank you Absolutely You’re a man after my own heart, Kevin Alright let me get in there Gem, cheers! Thank you Kevin

Wine is always a good idea Absolutely There you go, dig in there Oh man I love the crisp outside, but how pillowy the inside is

And how fluffy they are on the inside And again, you don’t have to fry them, but those are delicious Gem this was like, my request, I wanted homemade gnocchi so thank you And you got it! Always let us know any recipe requests you have Let us know in the comments

And right now we’re going to enjoy our dinner and we’re going to see you back here really soon Thanks guys, cheers!

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